Top 10 Most Famous Bars in America

Bars are very important in America’s social life. America is the country with the most bars per person in the world. The US bars and nightclub industry includes about 45,000 establishments. The combine4d annual revenue of these bars includes about $20 billion.

Bars and nightclubs compete with other venues that offer alcoholic drinks or other entertainment. Here is the list of top most 10 famous bars in America that leads throughout the USA. Let us have a check on them:

10. The 7 Monks Taproom

Located in the city of Traverse, the & monks taproom is on the number 10th rank on our list as it is equipped with all the necessity facilities that a bar should have. The great beer and food just aren’t enough to fill you, the Monk crew recently opened Low Bar in the basement next door, that bring the cocktail thunder with nearly 300 spirit options in a speakeasy setting.

9. Apex

Located on the west of the Division Street Restaurant, apex is the Portland’s famous beer bar because apex has the real time tap updater online, so you can check it on. The Apex stands on number 9th best and most famous bars in America.

8. Erin Rose

Located in the New Orleans, Erin Rose stands on rank number 8th because of its famous and delicious frozen Irish coffee. The French quarter is packed with the bars and some of them are really true pieces of American history. The good music and a strong drink out there make this bar rank on number 8.

7. Attaboy

It is located in the city of New York. The place is famous for its cocktail drink, a Penicillin, that is not a medication but works as a medication for the beer lovers. This bar of New York looks and feels like the real New York and that is a good thing.

6. Paper Plane

This bar is located in the state of Georgia, USA. The clean and elegant environment of the place makes it to stand on number 6th rank. This place is famous for its Isle of Dogs, and that is one the special thing that the bar presents. The place is rushed with a wide traffic of people mostly on the weekends and also in the nights.

5. Shady Lady Saloon

Located in Sacramento, is the number 5th ranked beer bar in USA. It is famous for its seasonal old fashioned environment that makes feel someone special. The friendly environment and the Gold rush bordello décor and extravagant tipples make this bar the number 5th.

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4. Churchkey

It is located in the heartiest capital of the USA, Washington DC. Churchkey is famous as the resident beer experts. The bar is equipped with the international delegation of world class offerings and this is something that makes Churchkey to look like the United Nations.

3. Local Option

Located in Chicago, the local Option might be the best option for the people of Chicago. The local option is famous for its tater tots, if for some reason you need to go there! Just try the tater tots as they make the Local option the number 3rd most famous bar in USA.

2. Rum Club

It is located in the Portland. The Rum Club is the second famous beer bar in USA. The bar is decorated with the two bit saloon décor that has the two bit saloon skills. The bar is famous mostly for its old Quartermaster.

1. Forever Blue Moon

Topping the list, Forever Blue Moon is located in the city of Seattle in USA. The bar is famous for its hot tuna and its enriched electric guitar’s night environment.

The ever growing list of the radiant bars keeps the thirsty people to have a place for the drink. These were the America’s foremost cocktail best bars.

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