Top 10 Most Famous Transgender Models

The world of modelling continues to evolve as more and more people continue to join the world of high fashion and more brands continue to aggressively promote their wardrobe.

Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell. These are just some of the modelling world’s leading lights of yesteryears. Today, new models have sprung and have taken their catwalk skills into the limelight – men, women, and everything in between, including transgenders.

 Here, you are about to find out the names of the most in-demand models who also happened to be transgenders:

 10. Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera

28 year old Carrera is a product of Ru Paul’s reality television show called RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she easily became the most famous and therefore, the most promising. Carrera has appeared in various high-end magazine covers and has repeatedly walked the ramp of the Los Angeles modelling scene.

 9. Valentijn de Hingh

Valentijn de Hingh

De Hingh knew that he wanted to be a girl at such a very young age. At 8 years old, he appeared in a commercial that tackled gender identity among children. Today, at 21 years of age, this Dutch model continues to be a sought after figure in the Dutch and European ramps.

 8. Ines Rau

Ines Rau

The courageous Rau had gender reassignment at the tender age of 16. Born in Paris – the world’s fashion capital – the French fashion agents were enamoured with her beauty and exotic looks.Of North African descent, Rau has appeared in various high-end magazines both in Paris as well as in New York City.

 7. Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster

She is perhaps one of the very first transgender models to have graced the runway and fashion magazines. Born in South Africa, the now 57 year old model is acknowledged as the first ever transgender in the fashion world. Starting her modelling career in Cape Town, she has appeared in various magazines and tv shows – particularly The Real Housewives.

 6. Amiyah Scott

Amiyah Scott

Currently one of New York City’s most in-demand transgender models, Scott began to have sex change at the age of 17. She has had breast and butt augmentation and has by now shapely posed before many magazine shoots in the East Coast.

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