Top 10 Most Popular Sunglasses Brands in the World 2015

Sunglasses are the style statements and sometimes more than that. Sunglasses were actually made to save the eyes and part of face from the direct heat but eventually it became the part of the style. There are many Sunglasses available in the market. Some are cheap and affordable but not really reliable. However, there are few good brands as well which are the king of this section without the crowns. Here are the top 10 best Sunglasses brands in the market.

10. Dollice and Gabana

There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the brand. One of the most popular Sunglasses brand, it has stylist products and reliable too. The product has wide customer base and cool ranges.

9. Tom Ford

It is one of the most stylist brands available in the market. The cool range of products can be very attractive and equally stylist. It has products for different kind of needs. One can select any range according to the choice.

8. Prada

It is one of the most favored brands. There is hardly any question on the quality of the product of Prada. The immense variety and the utmost ranges make the brand even more interesting. There is range for everyone in Prada.

7. Versace

Versace is one of the major brands that make cool products for the scorching sun and also for the style statement. The Sunglasses are light in weight and have different colors and shades. One can chose from the wide ranges of Sunglasses offered by Versace.

6. Persol

They have one of the best collections in the market. They have collections for different purpose and different personality. You name the choice and they have it. The summer collection, Spring Collection and the Winter Collections are also available.

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