Top 10 Most Viewed & Popular YouTube Videos of all time

YouTube videos are for entertainment and fun and for knowledge and wisdom. There is hardly anything that YouTube does not host. But few videos have gone past the popularity index. Here are the Top 10 YouTube Videos of all time.

10. Waka Waka

The football world cup song of 2010 took the world by storm. The song by Shakira was immensely popular and got 871,801,979 YouTube views. The video was released on June 2010.

YouTube Video:

9. Love the way you Lie

Two of the most popular music stars and entertaining music was enough to make it one of the most watched. The song by Eminem featuring Rihanna got overwhelming 880,858,648 YouTube views. The song was released on August 2010.

YouTube Video:

8. All about that Bass

Make no mistake the master piece by Meghan Trainor became an overnight sensation. The music was very popular and the video received 882,346,377 YouTube views. The video was released on June 2014.

YouTube Video:

7. Party Rock Anthem

The darling music of the party freaks, the song becomes a sensation. The music sung by LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and Goon Rock received YouTube views of 888,738,289. The video was released in March 2011.

YouTube Video:

6. Bailando

One of the most popular music combination Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona made the world enjoy their tune and rhythm. The video had 919,206,484 YouTube views and was one of the most popular. It was released in April 2014.

YouTube Video:

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