Top 10 Smallest Living Animals Around The World

Nature has some of the most brilliant and surprising creations in its kitty and it is the way it shows its power and creativity. There are some mammoth creatures in the world, and others are surprisingly tiny, showcasing the immense variety available in nature.

Here is a list of top 10 smallest living animals:

10. Paedocypris


Paedocypris is the smallest species of fish in the world and is also the smallest vertebrate. The tiny transparent fish resemble larvae and have a reduced skeleton at its head. They survive in dark water, with high levels of acidity.

9. Golden Frog

Golden Frog

Another small sized animal is Golden Frog of Panama, an endangered species of toads which grow up to only 9.8 mm in length as adults. It is also referred to as Brazilian Frog and is scientifically known by the name of Psyllophryne Didactyla.

8. Miniature Pig

Miniature Pig

The Miniature Pig is a breed of pig, which has been used as a pet as well as for medical research since a long time. The average adult reaches a height of only 16 to 26 inches at the shoulders.

7. Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy Rabbit

Next on the list of smallest living animals in the world is the Pygmy rabbit of North America, which is just 24-29 inches in length and 400 g in weight, making it the smallest rabbit in the world. They live in deep soils in regions which are covered with heavy growth of sagebrush.

6. Panda Cow

Panda Cow

Panda Cow is a surprisingly small breed of cattle, which looks more like a Panda, with its white face carrying black marks around the eyes along with a white belt like marking around its midriff. The miniature species has been created by mutation and there are an estimated number of only 24 of them existing in the world at present.

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