Top 10 Strangest Phobias in the World

There are many kinds of phobias in the world that people suffer from like arachnophobia – which is a fear of spiders; claustrophobia – which is a fear of small spaces; ophidiopbobia- a fear of snakes, acrophobia- which is a fear of heights and many more common phobias. But there are few phobias which are very uncommon and are very strange as well. These phobias are of things that one cannot even think of, but they do exist.

Here is a list of Top 10 strangest Phobias in the World

10. Neophobia


Neophobia is the fear of new things. It is also known as cainotophobia. A person who has this phobia is scared of anything new and they fear to explore it. It is one of the strangest phobias in the world.

9. Gymnophobia


Gymnophobia is the fear of nudity. It is a fear of being seen naked. This fear generates from the fear or inferior complex that their body is not in proper shape and people will make fun of them for their body. It is one of the strangest phobias in the world.

8. Phobophobia


Phobohobia is one of the most strangest phobias in the world. Phobophobia means a person fears having a phobia itself. There is no specific fear that defines this phobia but phobia itself. A lot of people suffer from this phobia as they are scared of fearing things and with that forming a phobia itself.

7. Pteronophobia


Pteronophobia is one of the strangest or weirdest phobias in the world. In Pteronophobia the person fears from being tickled by a feather. Sounds strange. But it is a phobia.  This phobia usually starts building up since childhood as people have a tendency to tickle small kids. Some make take it positively but few end up fearing it.

6. Trypophobia


Trypophobia is the fear of being buried alive. The visuals scare the person and harm the mental state as well. The fear of being trapped in grave alive is indeed weird. They start imagining things and it harms their psychology and mental health.

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