Top 10 Unwanted Helpers of Human on Earth

Without a doubt, everything in this world has a specific purpose in life. Even those things you think are useless have several purposes. Thus, who are we to judge them? We are just some of the numerous creatures to live and make this world a colorful one. Here are the top 10 unwanted helpers of humans on earth:

10. Flies


Fliers are insects known to be diseases-carriers. This is why the food we eat must not be accessed by them. People may hate flies, but little did you know that they are very helpful in removing dirt in commercial and residential properties. Yes, you read it right. People are forced to clean their places to avoid the attack of flies.

9. Vultures


These are bigger-sized birds that have frightening eyes. Usually, they don’t have feathers on their neck and head. They help a lot in the lives of humans and in the ecosystem by eating dead bodies that might become stingy in the long run, spreading several diseases in the air.

8. Crocodiles


Yes, crocodiles are very harmful since they can eat you alive. Even so, these animals are very helpful to humans. They help in cleaning the atmosphere since they also eat dead bodies, the same with vultures.

7. Beetles


For sure, you see beetles as useless insects. However, this is absolutely a wrong concept. It is because these insects are the saviors of fruit-bearing trees and plants. The flowers cannot be transformed into fruits without the help of these insects.

6. Lice


These insects are very common to school children, but this does not mean that they are not present in adults. They live in the hair and scalp. This is the reason why our scalps become itchy sometimes. But because of them, we are obligated to maintain proper grooming.

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5. Crows


These birds are usually unwanted ones because they symbolize death. Maybe, it is because of their black color. However, these birds are very helpful in cleaning the environment by carrying dirt and transforming them into fertilizers, making lands to be perfect for cultivations.

4. Lions


These animals are branded to be the “King of the Jungle”. They are commonly found in the wide safari of Africa. They can be deadly when you get near to them since they can eat you alive. Nonetheless, they help in cleaning the environment by eating dead bodies. They also help in stopping the agony of other animals from being injured.

3. Mosquitoes


Believe it or not, mosquitoes are some of the deadliest insects on earth. They can cause deadly dengue fever. Despite this, they somehow motivate us to maintain cleanliness in our environment.

2. Snakes


These are reptiles that are known to be deadly. However, these are also very helpful to humans since they eat those some other disease-carrying animals such as rats. They also help in balancing the ecosystem.

1. Bugs


Many people hate bugs like bed bugs. However, they play important role as far as maintaining cleanliness is concerned. We are motivated to clean our house, specifically our beds so that they will not live there.

These are the top 10 unwanted helpers of humans. Know them well and you will be surprised how helpful they are.

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