Top 10 Ways to Fight Communalism

Communalism is mainly a belief that comprises of those persons who follow the similar religion and may also possess mutual secular interests i.e. political, financial as well as community interests. Communalism is also a political business in religion. It is a philosophy on those communal policiesof politicians is established. A violence arises due to the communalism is a speculative result of a communal belief.

Communalism is not restricted only to the South Asian parts but is also can be seen in America, Europe, etc. However, it is important socio-economic as well as the party-political subject in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, etc. There are some important ways that can help in fighting communalism in different parts of the Asia (India):

10. Elimination of Communal Political Parties

Elimination of Communal Political Parties

Every political partythat succeeds on religious fidelities must be expelled or eradicated by the government of the country. In fact, the non-political social groups must continuously be held under constant watch, so that they also do not try to preach about communalism.

9. Diffusion of the Past Culture among people

Diffusion of the Past Culture among people

One of another way to fight communalism is rising spirits of nationalism among people. This can be taught to the people by retelling them regarding the magnificent moments of past in which Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims have collectivelyprotected the interest of the nation.

8. Changing Public Belief

Changing Public Belief

Some simple efforts must be donewith the help of mass media (television, newspaper, radios) for changing the approach of persons towards the other different communities. People should alsoget awake regarding the sins of the communalism.

7. Promote Inter-caste Marriage

Promote Inter-caste Marriage

Some social organizations and other kinds of associations must be established in each locality of the state to provide the chance to the people of dissimilar communities to come nearer. This will help them in knowing each other very well. This may further aid in promoting inter-caste marriages that will reduce the social space between the supporters of dissimilar religious groups.

6. Rectify the sins of secular forces

Rectify the sins of secular forces

The next importantmechanism to defeatcommunalism is to stop the crimes which the secular forces, deliberately or involuntarily, have done over the past few years. These bloopers in political affairs have showed to be the spark of life for the communalist parties that exploited and retook upon these gaps and constructed the monstrous building of communalism on its base.

5. Banned the ultra-patriotism acts

Banned the ultra-patriotism acts

The sentiment of nationalism and affection for one’s inborn land is considerable and appropriate too. But, prejudice and ultra-patriotism in the term of nationalism should not be permitted to build roots in the society. The various terms such asforeigner or anti-nationalshould not be used against a specific community as it would provoke the feeling of communalism in its people.

4. Prevention through education

Prevention through education

The curriculum and course, particularly at the primary level of schools, should be under a self-governing group which is not straight accountable to the government in order to avoid any rational violencein education. Various efforts should be done to prevent the communal information which is established on the distortion of history.

3. Establishing friendly relation between Minorities

Establishing friendly relation between Minorities

The minorities should effort to befriend with associated communities and create friendly links with them. They shall also send an invitation to others on joint stages to redress mutual complaints. All this will help in fighting against communalism.

2. Contribution of youths and students

Contribution of youths and students

The youth and college students should be given tasks to go to the rural community and make the effort to spread alertness regarding the communalism. In some part of Asian countries, the political awareness of the public is not so much developed and they are still wasting their precious votes on the basis of caste as well as on communal lines.

1. Creating a co-operative environment

Creating a co-operative environment

The topmost way to fight communalism is to create an emotion of understanding as well as co-operation among the different communities of the nation. This will result in a peaceful atmosphere in the country.

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