Top 10 World’s Most Googled People in 2015

Google is the central hub for all internet users right now. From all across the world, Google gets billions of hits every day, searching for uncountable number of topics. Everyone wants to know about people who influence other peoples’ lives; and Google is the best portal to get all the information required. Google generates an automated list of trending searches over a year, usually created at a year’s end. Since 2015 is still halfway towards the end, we could fetch the list for 2014 at this moment. However, the most searched people list almost remains same as the previous year in 2015.

Here are the top 10 people Googled people of 2015.

10. Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Junior is a Brazilian national football team player. Being born and raised in the country Brazil, Neymar had always had a football influencing environment that left an impact in his early childhood. Santos was the first club he joined back in 2010; and eventually risen to the Captain of Brazilian football team. FC Barcelona happens to be his club; his position in the field is a winger or a forward player.

9. Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan

The orphan who came into the limelight in 2014 and happens to be famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s step sister, named Arpita Khan is one of the top 10 Googled people. The wedding was full of celebrities and celebrations, the expenditure was remarkable. The girl was less known to the world before the wedding took place.

8. Robin Williams

Robin Williams

The legendary American stand up actor didn’t only make it to the top listings on a regional Google result, but also in the worldwide listing. Robin Williams passed away on 11th August, 2014 and saddened the whole world. He was vastly popular as an actor as well.

7. Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon

This Indian model and actress came into limelight after her first Bollywood movie Heropanti came out and won the Filmfare award for best film debut in 2014. Her gorgeous smile created an outrageous audience interest which resulted in a massive Google search hit.

6. Lorde


The curly haired New Zealand born singer came into limelight after her debut release The Love Club EP was released to the world. Later on, her debut single Royals created a worldwide hype as well. She was born in 1996; on November 7.

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