Top 15 Weirdest Soups That You Should Probably Try

Soup is comfort food. It is consumed as part of a normal diet, and promotes general well-being. All cultures feature soup as part of their local cuisine. It is simply, undeniably, a staple of any cuisine or diet.

This list aims to share with you 15 very unconventional soups that perhaps, you may want to try.

15. Kiburu Soup

Kiburu Soup

This African soup is consumed by people who live near the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since resources are quite scarce in the region, this soup is made by mixing coffee, bananas, and dirt. Dirt is used to add saltiness to the soup. Hence, it is a very important ingredient to make Kiburu Soup.

14. Sopi di Yuwana

Sopi di Yuwana

This soup is popular in Caribbean nations and is staple food in the Netherlands Antilles – particularly Aruba. The soup is made of vegetables and iguana meat. It is a balanced diet of carbs, vitamins and minerals from the veggies, and protein from the scaly iguana meat.

13. Dragon Tiger Phoenix

Dragon Tiger Phoenix

This totally unconventional soup dish does not make use of any of the aforementioned animals. Rather, the animals mentioned are used as metaphors. Dragon is actually snake meat, tiger refers to the palm cat civet, and phoenix is chicken. It is of Chinese origin.

12. Tien Kahn

Tien Kahn

Originating from Vietnam, this soup dish features duck blood and gizzard. It is then cooled and chilled to be served after several hours. It is eaten in popular Vietnamese eateries and is well-loved in many parts of the former French Indochina colonies.

11. Menudo


This popular soup dish from Mexico is consumed after a long night of drinking – as it is perfect in curing hangovers. The soup uses cow stomach – intestines, digestive organs, tripe, and the like. It is very tasty and eaten all over Latin America.

10. Beer Soup

Beer Soup

This soup dish uses beer as primary ingredient. However, since it is a soup and not a beverage, potatoes are commonly used as thickeners. It is then served hot and fresh on the dining table. It is a popular soup dish across Europe.

9. Bat Soup

Bat Paste and Soup

Bat soup is a popular soup dish in Palau and other islands in the Pacific. This dish uses a whole bat submerged in hot broth, simmered with spices and other flavors. Once the soup is consumed, the diner then proceeds to eat the bat whole.

8. Souppa Patchia

Souppa Patchia

This type of soup dish is popular in countries in the Mediterranean and West Asia like Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, and Iraq. This dish simply refers to a kind of broth with an entire sheep’s head submerged in it.

7. Chicken Testicle Soup

Chicken Testicle Soup

This healthy dish tastes like your average chicken noodle soup – except for the fact that it uses chicken testicle instead of chicken meat. The soup is said to possess medicinal benefits especially in boosting female stamina.

6. Supu Soup

Supu Soup

Supu Soup originated from the African nation of Tanzania. It uses goat parts – and by parts we mean everything! Goat intestines, heart, lungs, tail, and even parts of the head are used to cook this broth, which is well loved across the eastern parts of Africa.

5. Soup #5

Soup #5

This Filipino-Chinese broth is made up of cow’s penis and testicle, boiled and added with spices such as onion leeks, peppers, garlic, and onions. It is eaten before a big meal and is usually followed up with rice. It is claimed to have aphrodisiac effects for both men and women.

4. Chocolate Ramen Soup

Chocolate Ramen Soup

The uncanny combination of ramen and Lotte chocolate from Ghana make this soup interesting and fun to try. The broth is particularly rich and tasty. It is popular in Japan, Ghana, and Korea and is slowly gaining ground in Southeast Asia as well.

3. Tiger Penis Soup

Tiger Penis Soup

This very expensive soup is served in many five-star Chinese hotels and high-end restaurants. Concocted with much complexity, the Chinese believe that this soup is perfect for those who are looking into pumping up their sex lives.

2. Turtle Soup

Turtle Soup

You guessed it right! This soup dish uses the meat of turtle that is boiled and simmered with greens and spices. A popular culinary dish, it can be found in many leading restaurants in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

1. Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s Nest Soup

This rather expensive soup uses bird’s saliva taken from their nesting places. It is served in many fancy restaurants across East Asia and Southeast Asia and is very, very delicious.

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