Top Ten Interesting Facts Related to Snakes

Snakes adored by some and hated by some, are the kind of creatures that can be seen or found at any place. They can be ultra dangerous as well, with their venom and they can be harmless as well. There are certain facts about snakes that are completely unknown to the world, and here are few interesting facts about this creature. Mentioned below are ten interesting facts about snakes.

10.  The Snake House

A couple from USA, moved to a house which was a residence of numerous of snakes who took shelter there during winters, and unknown to them they shifted, which after discovering, creeped them out.

9. The snake, that is able to feel your heartbeat

Shocking, yet surprising! The Boa, is capable of hearing your heartbeats. It is 18 feet long and it has the capability to strangle you. If you fake to stop the heartbeat, the Boa can easily detect that you are faking as per the studies, so don’t even try to do that. It strangles the animal for as long as possible that is 20 minutes, and after that he gives up and leaves the animal, knowing he cannot strangle or kill the animal.

8. The Snake steals the Poison from the Toad

Japanese Tiger Keelback arenon poisonous, and hence to get some poison into their body, they take it from the toads by fighting with them, and while doing that the poison enters their fangs unknowingly, which they use later on to attack their enemies.

7. Few snakes give birth and are still virgin

The team of researchers in the year 2002, discovered that pit vipers give birth to babies without even getting sexually connected with their male counterparts. It was a shocking and surprising discovery.

6. Giant Python as the size of the man

In the Agta Tribe in Philippines, there were many incidents where the tribal people used to kill the giant pythons who grew upto 7 meters long and weighed 75 kilogram. Every man from the tribe has killed at least one snake in their life and the snakes has killed at least attacked or killed several people, that was mainly because of the survival and the non availability of food.

Snakes that gets tied into knots

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