Top Ten Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce had never been as common as it is these days, with a large number of marriages failing to work out for one reason or the other. There was a time when people entered into a relationship with a promise of being committed to it for a lifetime, but today marriages as fragile as glass. Though infidelity might seem to be the primary culprit for broken marriages, a variety of other reasons may be picked up for divorce.

Here is a list of top ten most common reasons for divorce:

10. Personal Habits of the Spouse

Sometimes couples do not approve of personal habits of each other and may get irritated by them with the passage of time. A wet towel on the bed or sneezing without a handkerchief on the nose, might not seem bad in the beginning rosy days, but gradually you might realize that spending a lifetime with such a person is practically impossible.

9. Lack of Attention in the Relationship

As the time goes by and couples become self absorbed, they may start taking each other for granted. In fact, after having children, they become more of parents than a couple, ignoring their marriage. Lack of attention in the relationship is another common reason leading to divorce.

8. Too Busy in Professional Life

With some couples, the marriage may suffer because they fail to give each other the love and attention they deserve because they are more interested in their professional lives.

7. Moving Apart in the Relationship

Next among the top 10 reasons for divorce is moving apart in the relationship as it grows older. While some couples may strengthen their bond with mutual trust and understanding, others may simply drift apart because they are not simply committed towards the marriage.

6. Unable to Resolve the Issues

Some marriages end in divorce because they are simply unable to talk things out and resolve the issues between them. Talking can help you solve your problems, but some couples develop a barrier between each other by not conversing and such marriages often meet a bitter ending.

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