10 Coolest and Strangest Movie Experiences in the World

Movie watching is the thing that all people love. This is because it relaxes the mind and allows us to gain knowledge at the same time. Unlike watching movies at home, theaters are designed to give us different movie experiences. Here you can sit comfortably while facing on the big clear screen and encounter some really strange cinema places.

There are many different movie theaters around the world that you should try before you die. The cinemas are extremely extraordinary and very different from what you may have at home.

Strange yet Beautifully Cool and Comfy Theaters around the World

10. Blitz Megaplex – Indonesia

Blitz Megaplex – Indonesia

The Blitz Megaplex is a chain of movie theaters across the state of Indonesia which was first started in 2013. Some of its branches offer comfy sofa beds commonly called the “velvet seating” which would allow people to watch movies like home. The tickets for the beds are immensely popular especially for the couples but there is no charge for the individual pillows.

9. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater – US

Sci-fi Dine-in Theater - US

The Sci-fi Dine-in Theater is located in Orlando USA. It is a theater restaurant found at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios and considered to be a themed restaurant. It is being designed with inspiration in 1950 packed with booths and resembling convertibles such as the four-wheeled cars along with many delicious foods. The theater presents really film clips on a large projection screen.

8. Enzian Theater – Florida

Enzian Theater – Florida

The Enzian Theater can be found in Maitland Florida and is best for those who enjoy some sort of creative arthouse while watching movies. This theater is a non-profit one and features arthouse movies to hold local and international film festivals. The place has colorful round tables as well where you can sit comfortably and enjoy a delicious meal. Here, you can found leather seats and sofas.

7. Electric Cinema – England

Electric Cinema - England

This gorgeous cinema is located in Notting Hill, London and considered to be the oldest working theaters in the country. Way back in 1910, the Electric Cinema was the first building opened and exclusively dedicated to putting on show motion pictures. This cinema truly has a great history. But cinema has been known more for its revival and excellent transportation in the modern area.

6. Grand Cinema Digiplex – Romania

Grand Cinema Digiplex – Romania

The Grand Cinema Digiplex can be found in Baneasa Shopping City of Romania which offers the largest screen in the country. It was first established in 2011 to present a grand experience in watching a movie with really relaxing and adjustable couches and seats. The seats are purely leather made which replaces the classic seats in most other cinemas. Watching films and movies in this cinema offers you various options. You can have premium conditions or gain ultimate movie experience.

5. Dome Cinema – New Zealand

Dome Cinema – New Zealand

Another cool yet strange cinema is the Dome Cinema located in New Zealand erected in early 1898. The cinema allows you to watch movies with a red carpet, stained glass domes, and sweet air. The place truly offers cool, comfy and strange movie experience for about three to four nights a week. Here, you can found delicious pizza and organic wines in a replenishing classic watching feels.

4. TGV Cinema’s Beanieplex – Malaysia

TGV Cinema’s Beanieplex – Malaysia

The TGV Cinema is a theater chain in Malaysia which presents really secured seats and the first and only cinema in the country that have been replaced seats with bean bags. The cinema has now three chain theaters with bean bag seating arrangements featuring about two meters leg room and as good as the king sized beds for the comfiest feeling.

3. Hot Tub Cinema – London

Hot Tub Cinema – London

This cinema is really strange. It offers extraordinary movie experience with a group of friends right within a hot tub. The cinema presents a pop-up event. In 2012, the cinema held its first public screening and remained as one of the most enjoyable places to go for any movie trip. The Hot Tub Cinema let you can dive yourself in wet, get dressed, drink, sing and do other fun things here.

2. Orange Cinemas Club – Beijing

Orange Cinemas Club – Beijing

The Orange Cinemas Club was first created in 2011 in Beijing as a call for one of the biggest cinema companies in Asia, the Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Group. The place offers complete cinema experience amidst with the striking interior. The cinema club also offers private or corporate events with delicious foods and drinks as well as cozy sofas, pillows, and blankets.

1. Prasads IMAX – India

Prasads IMAX – India

This cinema is considered to be the largest IMAX in the whole world. The multiplex screen is about 72 feet by 92 feet big. The cinema also features a 6 channel sound system. The output is about 12 000 watts with truly uncompressed digital sound. The theater includes fascinating food courts, multi-national fast food outlets, shopping mall and a gaming hall for game addicts too.

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