10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln Your Should know

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America, and you are simply aware of that for sure. He served as a public servant of the American people from the year 1861 until he was unrightfully assassinated way back in the year 1865. The question is, do you know some intriguing facts about him, aside from those common basic information? Well, here are 10 Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln that you should know:

Abraham Lincoln

10. Lincoln stored important papers on his stovepipe

Just in case you don’t know, stovepipe was actually the hat of Abraham Lincoln. It was where he kept significant papers because he completely knew that people who have undesirable plans about him can hardly find the important papers they wanted that will serve as their grounds in sabotaging him. Wasn’t he clever enough for doing such?

9. There were no Abraham Lincoln’s relatives who are still alive nowadays

Lincoln got married to a beautiful wife named Mary Todd. They were blessed with 4 children. The problem is, 3 of their children died earlier than they wanted them to be. They never reached 20 years of age. At the age of 18, Tad unfortunately died. Moreover, Edward lost his own life at the age of 4, while Willie died at the age of 12. Only Lincoln’s son, Robert, reached adulthood but all of his decedents died around 1980’s.

8. Lincoln used to be very curious about machines

His curious mind always made him de-assembled several machines he encountered in order to know how they function, and what was going on inside the machines. With that being said, it was no longer surprising why he managed to produce “A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals” patent. It all happened way back in the year 1849.

7. He had premonitions of his own death

A few weeks prior to his assassination, he saw some premonitions about it through his dreams. One night, he had this dream that he heard someone who was crying in a certain part in the White House. He tried to find that room and he found the crying person. When asked, the person cried because of the unexpected death of the President. Only then he found out that he was the one lying on the coffin.

6. Abraham Lincoln was the tallest American President, so far

It was not that his stovepipe was the one that made the illusion of his taller height. He was actually a tall type of a person even when his hat was removed. He was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, making him to be the tallest president in the United States of America.

5. Lincoln’s son, Robert, was a death-magnet

It was for the reason that he faced a number of tragedies in life, but ended up being saved and dodged death. One horrible tragedy he experienced was when the train he was riding met a serious accident. He was lucky enough to be saved by Edwin Booth. What’s more interesting was that this savior of Robert was the brother of the man who killed Abraham Lincoln.

4. He was not a showy one when it comes to religious matters

You can never see him praying before eating his meals. He never went to a certain church in order to worship God, despite the fact that a number of sects claimed him to be their member. However, it doesn’t mean he never believed in God. In fact, he read bible all the time. Most of all, he always prayed to make him and the entire nation to be safe.

3. He was an excellent speech writer

Most of his listeners when he spoke were enthralled by the way he delivered his speech. He spoke believably, making it unsurprising anymore that he had a lot of followers and supporters. He always wrote humble, concise, and heartfelt speeches.

2. Lincoln used to perform séances in the White House

It made him very sad that his two sons died at a very young age. In order to talk to his dead sons again, he participated in a number of séance sessions. However, it was unknown if he was successful in calling their spirits.

1. Abraham Lincoln had several similarities to John F. Kennedy when it comes to life happenings

They were both assassinated in a Friday setting. They lost their precious lives from a gun bullet that directly hit their heads. Moreover, both of their successors were named Johnson. Was that only a coincidence?

These are the 10 intriguing facts about Abraham Lincoln. For sure, you are very surprised upon knowing them.

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