10 Interesting Facts About the Month of October

October is one of the months in a Gregorian or Julian calendar that is composed of 31 days. There are actually 7 of them. In this particular calendar, October is known as the 10th month. October actually came from “octo”, which is a Latin word that means “eight”. October is full of significance as a month since a lot of things are happening on its date. Here are the 10 interesting facts about the month October.

#10. October is one significant month in the United States. It is because in the said country, this particular month is when Sausage Month, Pork Month, Popcorn Month, and National Pizza Month occur. In the United Kingdom on the other hand, it is when International School Library Month, International Walk to School Month, Black History Month, and National Cholesterol Month happens.

#9. The Anglo Saxons find October as a precious month to them. As a matter of fact, these people in the past called such month as Winterfylleth. Fullness of winter is the meaning of this unfamiliar term.

#8. The opal and the tourmaline stones are the precious birthstones of the month of October. The Calendula is the month’s birth flower. When it comes to zodiac signs, this month falls in two zodiacs. The first one is the Libra, which is the zodiac sign of those people whose birthdays fall from September 23 up to October 22. The second one is the Scorpio. It is the zodiac sign of those individuals who are born from October 23 up to November 21.

#7. October is the national month of a number of health observances. These health observances have something to do with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or the SIDS, Blindness, Spina Bifida, Lupus, Breast Cancer, and Healthy Lungs.

#6. This month is also a significant month for a number of sports enthusiasts. It is simply because this is the month when the opening of the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball League (NBA) happen. Not only that, Major League Baseball world series also take place during this month.

#5. You may not know it but it is in the month of October when the colors of tree leaves are changing.

#4. In the United Kingdom, the Apple Day is celebrated every 21st of October.

#3. When it is October in Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere has actually the month of April as October’s equivalence.

#2. Every single year, the United States of America celebrates National Fire Prevention Week. It will start every 9th of October. This is actually the commemoration of 1871 Great Chicago Fire.

#1. The Soviet Union launched the very first artificial satellite in the month of October. Specifically, it took place on October 4, 1957. Moreover, October 31, 1864 was the exact date when the United States of America got its 36th state, and this was the state of Nevada.

There are actually just 10 of the most interesting things that you need to know about the month of October. If you want to know more, then having your own research would be beneficial.

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