10 Interesting Facts of People Born in November

November is the 11th month that you can see in Gregorian and Julian calendars. But in the ancient Roman calendar, this is used to be the 9th month. Its name was originally taken from the Latin word “Novem”, which simply means “nine”. The month itself is as interesting as the people who are born under it. Here are 10 interesting facts about the November-born individuals:

10. Secretive

These kinds of people do not want to bother others. Moreover, they usually think that they can handle things on their own without telling other people. This is the reason why they are secretive in nature. Thus, don’t be surprised if you sometimes, don’t understand the behavior of your loved ones or friends who are born under this month.

9. Gentle and Harmless

November-born people are gentle and harmless even though a lot of people find them very annoying sometimes. They are the ones who can give you the utmost gentleness that you are looking for in a friend or a lover. If you want to be with people who will never harm you, then they are the ones whom you are looking for.

8. They’re Misunderstood Oftentimes

These people are greatly misunderstood by others. Maybe, it’s because of their secretive nature. They prefer not to explain their sides, and let people judge and decide. Hence, it’s no longer surprising why they are misunderstood most of the time.

7. Loyal to their Friends

Making a good friendship to others is one thing that these people love to do. In fact, they can be the most loyal people ever when it comes to friendship. This goes to show that November-born people are worthy for your friendship.

6. They’re Oozing with Sexiness and Charisma

Many people got jealous and irritated by these individuals. It’s because of the great charisma and sexiness that surrounds their whole being. Hence, it’s expected that when they are in a group, other people will certainly notice them and it’s not their fault of course.

5. They Love Sex

Whether you like it or not, these people love to have sex. They consider sex as a thing that can give them so much pleasure and relaxation. Even so, they intensely desire to do sex out from the fire-burning love they feel towards their partner.

4. Hardworking

They don’t want to have a so-so work. They want it to be excellent so that everyone will notice how great they are as a worker. They even make sure that their tasks will be finished as early as possible.

3. They’re Mysterious

You may think that these people are open books. However, you might be definitely wrong about it. Don’t think that you already know these people because even themselves, still don’t know some other sides of them.

2. They Don’t Ask Favors

Asking favors is not their cup of tea. Maybe, they are too shy to ask for it, or they have this high pride that holds them back. But whatever the reason is, it’s expected that they seldom ask other people for favors.

1. Attention Magnet

Out of the crowd, November-born people will normally shine. One great reason is the fact that they have natural charisma that will surely grab your attention. Even if they don’t want to get your attention, there’s nothing they can do since it’s natural for them.

These are just 10 interesting facts about November-born people. After knowing these, you will surely realize how interesting these individuals can be.

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