10 Less Known Facts About Miss Universe Contest

Miss universe is the oldest and most coveted beauty pageant in the world, but there are facts about it that most of us didn’t know about. This pageant has gone beyond just being about beauty, brains and a little bit of luck… it is on another level and it is best to learn more about what you don’t know about it.

Here are some of the top 10 unknown facts about Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2019

10. Most Wins

The most wins in this beauty pageant is held by the USA who won in the years 1954, 1956, 1960, 1967, 1980, 1995, 1997, 2012: Venezuela follows with 7 wins in 1979, 1981, 1986, 1996, 2008, 2009, 2013: and Puerto Rico is at number 3 with wins in 1970, 1985, 1993, 2001, 2006.

9. Youngest and Oldest Miss Universe

The oldest Miss Universe was during the 46th edition in 1997 and she came from USA, Brooke Lee. At the time of her win, she was 26 years and 128 days. The youngest Miss Universe came from Finland during the Miss World first edition in 1952. She was 17 years, 303 days when she won.

8. Miss Universe Not Crowned

Miss Universe 2014, the 63rd Edition took place in January 2015 and it is the only event which didn’t take place in its corresponding year thus making 2014 the only year where there was no Miss World pageant since its inception in 1952.

7. Conservative Winners Miss Universe

In 2009 Venezuela created history by being the only country to crown Miss Universe consecutively back to back. Dayana Mendoza who won Miss World in 2008, the 58th edition,  crowned Venezuela’s Stefania Fernandez, who was the Miss World 58th Edition winner in 2009.

6. Longest Gap Between Winning

This record is held by Japan.  It has won the the crown two times. Akiko Kojima was the first Japanese to win the crown in 1959, the 8th edition and 48 years later, Riyo Mori won Miss World 2007, the 56th Edition.

5. The Most and Least Number of Delegates

The most delegates were during the 2011, 60th Edition  and 2012, 61st edition where the highest number of delegates was recorded – 89 delegates attended the event from across the globe. In 2011 the crown was won by Angola’s Leila lopes while in 2012, the crown princess was from USA, Olivia Culpo. The least delegates were witnessed in 1953, the 2nd edition where only 26 nations participated and the winner was France’s Christiane Martel.

4. Tallest and Shortest Miss Universe

Thailand’s Apasra Hongsakula who was Miss Universe 1965, 14th Editionand Columbia’s Luz Marina Zualaga who won in 1958, 7th are the shortest to ever win the Miss Universe title. They both measured 5’4”. The tallest who measured 6’1” is Dominican Republic’s Amelia Vega. She won the title in 2003.

3. Dethroned/Resigned Winners

In 1974,  Helen Morgan of UK was crowned the 24th edition winner, but four days later, she resigned when it was discovered that she had a child. In 1980 Gabriella Brum from was crowned the 30th edition Miss Universe, a position she held for only 18 hours after which she resigned. Her reason being that her boyfriend was not happy with her. Later on she claimed that media pressure of nude pictures of her is the reason she resigned.

 2. Longest and Shortest Reign as Miss Universe

This pageant doesn’t take place same dates every year thus creating some winners to reign for a shorter period and others reign for a long period. Shortest reign is held by Venezuela’s IrvianSarcos who won the 61st Edition in 2011 on November 6 2011 and crowned her successor 9 months 12 days later on 18th August, 2012. The longest reign was held by the 1st edition winner, Sweden’s Kerstin Hakansson who won on 29th July 1951 and crowned her successor 1 year 3 months later on 14th November 1952.

1. Origin

The origin of Miss Universe was to honor the swimsuit which was introduced in 1951 and was called Festive Bikini Contest to be an annual regular event but the media named it Miss World. When the president of the contest, Eric Morley, came to know about the upcoming Miss Universe contest in 1952, he decided to make it an annual event.

This is part of the big 4 international beauty pageant, which represents the beauty and responsibility of women around the globe. Is an event worth celebrating.

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