10 Most Beautiful Ways To Propose a Girl

You are in love and you want to propose your girl and you dont know how to do it then don’t worry. Here in this article we will tell you few simple ways to propose your girl. It is not an easy task to ask out a girl. It’s is not east at all. It can either ruin your happiness or can make you the happiest person on earth for that moment at least (no pun intended). If she is not the kind of woman who has seen a lot of Bollywood romantic movies, then you better gear yourself up.

She will not be happy with a simple proposal. She might say a yes at that time but she will taunt you all her life for not doing anything and you ‘just’ asked her out. You don’t want to do that. Or do you? Make it a special moment t for the two of you. Make it like a dream for her. Of course research well about things that can impress a girl, get a hold of her best girls, ask them about her probably her secrets only they would know. So yes, go ahead do a little but of the ground work and then go for it. When you’re done with it we can help with you ideas on how to propose a girl. Know your girl first, be romantic, impress her and then propose her.

Here are Ten most beautiful ways To Propose a Girl

10. Propose by making a Hoarding

It is one of the best ways to propose your girl. Create a big hoarding and make it sweet by putting a ring on the board, her name and your name. She will definitely say a yes. No matter what. And also it will make her fall for you and she will remember this all her life.

9. Gift yourself

If you cannot think of anything to give her while proposing then wrap up yourself and gift yourself by a hanging a note that will say will you marry me? It’s extremely cute and she will surely fall head over heels for you without any doubt.

8. Take her for a candle light dinner

This is the most romantic thing ever and it never goes wrong. If you love her, take her out for a candle light dinner and then propose her. If she comes out for you on dates then surely she has something for you and when you propose her she will say a Yes!

7. Cook for her

If your girlfriend has been making things for you like dinners or lunches then it’s your time to do something sweet for her. Call her over for a dinner at your place. Cook her favourite dish and arrange the table for the two of you. Make it romantic, get a bouquet of red roses and propose her over the dessert. She will love your efforts, and she will surely say a yes to your proposal.

6. Propose her over a radio

If your girl loves to listens to radio and you know exactly what time she listens to the radio then propose her via the radio. It’s creative enough and after you propose her play her favourite song. She will love it and she will also say a yes to it.

5. Take her to the place where you first met

It’s always beautiful to go back to the place where you first met as it brings back the beautiful memories.

4. Go out for a picnic

Yes, it’s a little kiddish, but it’s very sweet. If your girlfriend likes to spend time in the parks and around the natural surroundings then take her to a park, pack some food, and then propose her. She will love the idea and will surely say a yes.

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3. Wait for a special day

Valentine’s Day

If any occasion is nearing like her birthday or valentine day then make full use of the day and propose her on that day making it more special for you.

2. Make full use of a movie break

If you both love to watch movies then plan something creative on that zone. During the internal, make a small AV for her when you’re proposing her. It’s sweet, creative and she will surely say a yes.

1. Be yourself

Nothing is better than being yourself. Be yourself to her. Be honest to her. And whenever you will be proposing her, she will surely say a Yes. Because if you are honest to her she is already in love with you and probably she is just waiting for you to propose her.

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