10 Most Destructive Hurricanes in World History

Lots and lots of natural havocs occur every year in different parts of the world. While some do not create so much fuss for the local people but some hurricanes turn out to be so much destructive that thousands of lives are taken by them. I am going to list the top 10 of these hurricanes that cause much destruction in the world history.

Destructive Hurricanes in World History

Below is the list of 10 most destructive hurricanes occurred in the world history:

10. Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the fifth hurricane of 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season. It is considered as the deadliest hurricanes occurred in the history of United States. It is also considered as the third most intense landfalling tropical cyclone of United States by taking the lives of 1245 people with a total damage of $108 billion.

9. Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan

Occurred in 2004, this was the 4th hurricane of the year. It does billions of dollars of damage in United States and Caribbean taking lives of 121 people. Hurricane Ivan formed in the early September and became the 10th most intense hurricane ever recorded.

8. Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

Occurred in August 1992, Andrew became the most deadliest hurricane of United States of all times. It caused a massive damage in Louisiana and South Florida having the Category 5 intensity. More than 250,000 were left homeless and 44 died in the hurricane.

7. Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo

This hurricane was the strongest to hit the United States with an intensity of category 4 causing the damage of above $7 billion of property and taking lives of more than 80 people. It was formed on September 9, 1989 near the Cape Verde Island and moved towards Atlantic.

6. Hurricane Camille

Hurricane Camille

This hurricane occurred in August 1969 with an intensity of category 5 hitting the United States. It was one of the three deadliest hurricanes which occur in the United States in that year. It was second strongest hurricane of that year taking lives of more than 250 people and causing a damage of $1.42 billion at that time.

5. The New England Hurricane of 1938

The New England Hurricane of 1938

Another deadliest hurricane of all times occurred in September 1938 which was formed near the coast of Africa and soon became a hurricane of category 5. 682 people were killed as a result of this strongest hurricane of that times with an estimated property damage of $3.6 million at that time. It is also remembered as the Long Island Express.

4. The Great Labor Day Storm

The Great Labor Day Storm

Labor Day Hurricane occurred in 1935 and recorded as the most intense and strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic and United States history. This hurricane turned quickly into category 5 storm from category 1 within 24 hours. The hurricane killed 420 people causing a total damage of $6 million. The train sent to rescue the people was blown off the tracks.

3. Okeechobee Hurricane

Okeechobee Hurricane

This hurricane is also known as “San Felipe Segundo hurricane” and was the second deadliest hurricane of United States. It was a hurricane of category 5 which took the life of more than 1800 people and caused a total damage of $100 million.

2. 1919 Florida Keys Hurricane

1919 Florida Keys Hurricane

This hurricane, also known as the 1919 Key West Hurricane, hit the Caribbean Sea and United States Gulf Coast and was a hurricane of category 4 intensity. Almost 900 people got killed by this huge storm and damage the property worth $22 million. A boy survived this hurricane and later developed the Saffir-Simpson scale to measure hurricane strength.

1. 1900 Galveston Hurricane

1900 Galveston Hurricane

This hurricane hit the Galveston, Texas in September 1900 and was a category 4 storm taking lives of 12000 people which makes it the deadliest storms in US history and second costliest with a damage of $20 million.

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