10 Most Stunning Beaches of USA to Spend Vacation

Vacation is the best time when you can spend your leisure time with friends and family. Everyone wants to spend a special vacation with his family every year. So I am going to tell you about some of the best places to spend your holidays and make them special for your beloved family.

Beach is the one best place to spend vacation with your loved ones. You can go to the shore or could ride the waves of the sea. The beach is always a best destination to spend time alone or with your family without any disturbance of the city. The beach is a peaceful place that only loves the nature and is the best habitat for birds, fresh air and peaceful persons.

If you are also looking for the best beaches in USA, then you are stuck at the right place. I am going to tell you about the finest 10 beaches of the USA that makes your holidays memorable and tempted.

10. South Padre Island

South Padre Island

It is the barrier island in the city of Texas USA. This island is the popular vacation destination as the resort city is located on the island of South Padre. There are also the beach front hotels that make your vacation very enjoyable. The best season to tour the island is the spring season in March or early April. The best way to spend time on that beach is the kite boarding or deep sea fish trips.

9. East Hampton

East Hampton

It is the beach that is located in New York City. The East Hampton is the beloved New York site of vacation as the stretches of white sand and the roaring of the waves gives a unique and memorable and peaceful picture for you and your family. The special events like fireworks display at the main beach and the international film festival also takes place ever October that is a big source of entertainment for you and your family.

8. Cape May

Cape May

The farthest beach on the south, Cape May is the jewel of the city of New Jersey. This region is full of gingerbread Victorians and colorful beds. The best way to spend time on this beach is to spy the dolphins with your binoculars that are jumping in the lake throughout the day.

7. Miami Beach

Miami Beach

The Miami Beach is the place where you will find the most entertainments for you and your beloved kids. It is the one of the friendliest beach for the kids as it consists of the most affordable hotels and art deco architecture that will not let you to get bored.

6. Hilton Head

Hilton Head

On the rank of 7, stands the Hilton Head. It is located in South Carolina. It is also a low country resort town that enables you to spend your holidays most peacefully and leisurely. The nightlife of the Hilton Head consists of a gorgeous sunset with a sweet music of jazz or a concert after a delicious sea food dinner.

5. Clear water Beach

Clearwater Beach

This beach is situated in Florida, USA. This beach has tempted a number of families and couples to its sandy shores with running water and beautiful beach front hotels. You can enjoy sun bathing or beach volley ball on the island with your family.

4. US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands

You will find everything in this island which you want in an American beach destination. You can visit the St. John or St. Croix for the ever memorable visit on the beaches. Each island of this beach offers relatively different treat for you. In the way you can get a plenty of pampering and in a bonus you can pay in the US dollars.

3. Honolulu


It is complete blend of luxury and breath taking scenery. You will find historical and cultural sites and the luxurious resorts that will make your holiday the best. Its vibrant culture and peaceful nightlife makes this island the number three best vacation destination.

2. Maui


Maui is the number second best beach to spend vacation or honeymoon with your loved ones. It offers impressive wildlife and culture. It is divided into five different regions that would make your vacation more interesting and memorable.

1. Manele Bay

Manele Bay

The number one beach of the USA, Manele Bay. It is considered as one of the most perfect destinations to spend time in. the resort located at the beach overlooks a bay that is the best scene provided by this coast.

Now visit these beaches in your vacation every year and then cast your vote which beach is the best to spend your vacation in.

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