10 of The Best Libraries in the World

It is often said that books are the good friends of a man. This is really true in the sense that the books provide us with the knowledge and correct the man with his social and moral values. And that is the reason why libraries are having great importance besides of the improved technology and other facilities. There many reasons for the importance of libraries in the current age as libraries are free of cost, they provide the person with his best friends, and surely, everything is not available on internet but they do present in libraries.

So there is no denial of importance of libraries in the world and this is the reason many libraries are the counter part of advanced and developed countries. Here is the list of top 10 best libraries in the world:

10. The Royal Library

The Royal Library

Housed in Denmark, The Royal Library is the national library of Denmark. It is also called the Black Diamond because of its highly shiny and lavish architecture. It is also considered as the largest library in the Nordic countries and it contains numerous historical treasures. This library consist of 35,100,000 collection including books, journals, corporate publications and pamphlets.

9. National Library of the Czech Republic

National Library of the Czech Republic

One of the best libraries in the world is the National Library of Czech Republic. The library has the wide variety of collection in which 20,000 volumes of the most renowned and theoretical literature of the world.

8. Picton Reading Room and Hornby Library

Picton Reading Room and Hornby Library

Situated in the city of England, Liverpool, it is counted as one of the best libraries in the world. It is the part of the Liverpool Central Library and was established in the year of 1875. It was the first library in United Kingdom that was electrically lit. This library is the house to 15,000 rare books with the addition of others and the luxurious facilities.

7. Sainte-Geneviève Library

Sainte-Geneviève Library

The public and university library in Paris, Sainte-Geneviève Library is also counted as one of the best library in the world. The library is the house to almost 2 million documents and is the magisterial library that is completely build by the glass and iron material.

6. Library of Congress

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the research library that is situated in Washington DC, United States. It is the second largest library by the collection size in the world and largest in USA. It consists of volumes in more than 450 languages and 32 million cataloged books. It is gladly open to the public of America.

5. Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

The library was established in the year of 1848 and was funded by the government of United States. It has the collection size of almost 22 million items and is regarded as the second largest library in United States. The building of the library represents the beautiful picture of architecture and design.

4. Trinity College Library

Trinity College Library

Holding the 4th rank among the libraries of the world, Trinity College Library is the joint library that serves the Trinity College and University of Dublin. The library was founded in the Ireland, in the city of Dublin. It has the volume edition size of 6,000,000 including journals, newspapers, magazines and many other databases.

3. Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library

The public library that is open of the residents of Vancouver in British Columbia. It has more than 6.9 million visitors. The size of the collection of this library is almost 2.6 million including books, maps, publications, local history and business directories.

2. George Peabody Library

George Peabody Library

It is also known as the library of the Peabody Institute. The library was established in 19th century and is located in Mount Vernon Place in Baltimore, Maryland. This library has the 300,000 volume collection of the subjects of art, history and literature.

1. El Escorial Library

El Escorial Library

It is commonly known as El Escorial and was the historical residence of King of Spain. It is the royal site and serves as the monastery, royal palace, museum, library and school. It contains almost 45,000 printed works and is the site of preservation of numerous languages.

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