10 Strange But True Divorce Stories

Marriages sometimes prove difficult and uncomfortable. Couples will always try all the best, through all means possible to avoid divorce. This may even involve visiting marriage counselor in an attempt to iron things out. Divorce may be embarrassing, especially after a short time in marriage. But when the situation is uncontrollable, divorce seems to be the only way out to live happily ever after. Divorce cases are so many worldwide, let’s take a look at some of the bizarre, but true divorce stories


10. A Cambodian Couple Split Their Asset

A couple in Cambodia’s rural village last year ended their 18 years marriage. The husband known by the name Moeun suspected that his wife had been having an affair with a cop. They talked over their differences and they then decided to cut their wealth into two.

9. A Brooklyn Couple VS. Wacky Judge

This was a top story in America, where a woman by the name Chana Taub filed a divorce and cited physical and mental abuse. Unfortunately the judge dismissed the entire case based on what appears to be the fact that the couple were already living out a 80s sitcom plot device.

Earlier on, a certain judge had ordered the wall built, after both husband and wife refused to move out. The judge gave the wife the kitchen and the husband the dining room.

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8. Jilted Woman “Murders” “Husband” in “Japan”

In japan, an unnamed woman is on the verge of facing life imprisonment after she murdered her ex-husband. On the murder day, she came home just to find that her online avatar had been dumped by another online avatar. This was enough for her to make the ex-husband breath her last.

7. David Pollard and Amy Taylor Start a Second Life

Laura Skye is a local up-and-coming DJ in the U.K. one day she found her husband cuddling with another woman in his apartment. This was happening after she had previously forgiven him of screwing a prostitute. She was so much devastated and has since filed a divorce.

6. Joseph Finnegan

Karen divorced Joe in 2007. She never counted on how crafty her soon-to-be ex could be. The ex-husband was arguing that they couldn’t divorce since their marriage had been dissolved three years earlier… when Joe “died.” Joe’s heart had stopped in 2004, and this was enough to annul their marriage on the legal binding clause of “Till Death Do Us Part.”

5. Bakr and SanaaMelhem

Adnan and Jamilia, are two lovelorn Jordanians who met online, a common thing in the internet today. They were both in unsatisfyingmarriages and just wanted the opportunity to spark them.”Adnan” and “Jamilia” were the net handles of Bakr and Sanaa Melhem, a married couple who were going through a seven-month trial separation.

All the time, through the internet, they exchangeddreams and making wedding plans. In the end when the cybering couple finally met in real life, they had to divorce.

4. Sleep Divorcing

Many things have happened in our sleep, including mentioning the names of our former boyfriends and girlfriends, or even crushes. In 2006, Akhtar, a Muslim from West Bengal mentioned “talaq” three times in his sleep. In their culture, this made him divorce his wife Sobena. The couple wanted to ignore the sleep talking, but it was so unfortunate for it couldn’t be let go. The husband consulted the local clerics and was told that he and Sobena were in fact now single and would remain so until they remarried.

3. Neil divorced by Brady

The now ex Mrs. Emma Brady was checking her husband’s Facebook status in February 2009, as of 3PM, it read “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.” This marriage continued for some time but strangely enough, he later deleted her from his Friends list, and the divorce was real after a while.

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2. Chinese woman files a divorce

An unnamed Chinese woman, after returning home from trip to her parents, she became suspicious over the new vocabulary the family mynah bird had picked up. Among the words were “divorce” and “be patient”, presumably among others. She has filed a divorce, which according to the courts in china, the evidence from a bird is apparently not admissible.

1. Richard Batista Gave Dawnell His Heart

Eight years ago, Richard Batista’s wife was slowly dying due to failing kidneys. He then decided give one of his kidneys to the wife after Dawnell’s body had rejected the transplants from her dad and brother. The recovered woman then allegedly jumped over some other guy’s boner and the husband demanded his kidney back.

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