10 Unselfish Reasons of Couples to not have Children

A lot of couples today don’t want to have children not because they don’t like kids but because of certain reasons which made them think this and take this decision. They are thinking ahead of their children and their future and hence deciding against it. There are many unselfish reasons of the parents to not have children. Here is a list of the 10 Unselfish Reasons of Parents to not have Children.

10. They have demanding jobs

A lot of parents do not want a child is because they have the kind of job which needs a lot of time and dedication. Hence a lot of couples avoid having child because they don’t want to take any kind of responsibility where they won’t be able to give what their kids will need as they will be just busy with their own life and work. It is one of the unselfish reasons why parents do not want children.

9. The children will inherit the flaws of their parents

A lot of people are scared to give birth to kids as they think that the flaws that they have, their children will inherit that and it might not be good for the kids. As they couldn’t change themselves they think they cannot even help the kids.

8. You don’t want to contribute the violence

No matter how many moral values you give to your child you never know, what they will become and turn into. Not contributing the violence is one of the top 10 unselfish reasons of parents to not have children. They fear that their kids might turn violent at a later age and might turn into a terrorist and can harm the society and they do not want to get involved into it and do not want to add any criminal to society.

7. Reduces competition

Many parents do not want to give competition to other students and people of the society. Therefore they choose to not give birth to children. It is one of the unselfish reasons of the parents to not have children.

6. You do not want anyone to depend on you

It is one of the unselfish reasons of the parents to not have children. A lot of parents in this generation are working and a lot of them are independent. With this free mind and spirit, they do not want anyone to depend on them as they are not sure of the future. In such a case they prefer to child free.

couple have problem with kids

5. They do not have the financial status to support more people

It has become very difficult to survive in this difficult world and everyone is working hard to survive and in such a situation it becomes really difficult to support anyone be it their own child. They prefer to stay without a child because they do not want them to suffer at any cost and go through anything.

4. They want to support the orphanage instead

A couple must be interested in having a child but they are so benign in their thinking that they choose to help the kids who have no parents instead rather than having their own. It is one of the best things that they do those kids and it is also socially very good. It is one of the unselfish reasons of the parents to not have children.

3. They don’t want to increase the population

A lot of people think that the population has been increasing rapidly and giving birth to children is nothing but adding on to that. They are far away from all these things and they think that having children will increase the population and it won’t be good for the country.

2. They have mental problems

A couple wants to bear a child but the problem is that they are not stable mentally. Hence in such a situation the parents decide to not have a child. It is one of the most unselfish reasons of parents to not have children. They do not want their kids to suffer and hence choose otherwise.

1. They have some genetic disorder

A lot of people do not prefer to have kids because they have some genetic disorders. Their parents gave birth to them and they are suffering but they don’t want to give birth to children because the disorder will be passed to them and they don’t want to do it. It is the most unselfish reason of the parents to not have children.

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