10 Best Quality Cell Phone Battery Wall Chargers in 2020 Reviews

Technology has been growing rapidly over the past years. Cell phones are nowadays very common among natives. Quality charging should be embraced. It ensures appropriate powering of the device. Poor quality from Jua Kali industries are all over in the market at cheap prices. It is very hard to different this low quality from high quality wall charges. One should have prior knowledge on how to choose the right charger. These chargers are available in the market at different brands and models. Each cell phone has got its specific charger since their charging ports are unique. Reflect on the following factors as guide for proper purchase of this kind of charger.

10 Best Quality Cell Phone Battery Wall Chargers

• Capacity

Higher capacity phone chargers are relatively popular over the others. The best rated battery charger available in the in today’s market performs up to 4 cycles. It should accommodate about 4 or more USB ports.

• Portability

It should be of convenient size to fit into travel bag. The wall charger should be lightweight. While considering size and weight, have a look at slimness and style so that it fits into modern lifestyle.

• Accessibility and quality

Choose a great quality charger that lasts longer. Some charges use electricity to power you cell phone while others use solar. Do not buy electrical chargers yet you cannot access the electricity source.

• Affordability

Cost of any product is very essential. Its price should be reasonable. Be aware of low quality charges that are cosmetically designed to attract most of the customers yet very expensive. Budget your money well to avoid straining your income. Choose a wall charger that you can afford.

• Versatility

Multi-functional cell phone wall chargers are very economical. All family members cannot own the same cell phones due to different needs and testes. Choose a charger that can charge majority of the cell phones in the house.

1o. EasyAcc 2OW Wall Charger

This accessory works based on the capacity of power required by the device. It has got multiple charging ports such that it can charge 2 android phones and 2 tablets at go. It will recognize all the charging devices ensuring supreme quantity of charging capability. It is extraordinarily durable. This durability is dependent of high quality heat resistant material used to construct the wall charger. Its fold-able plug saves storage space hence can fit in to handbags ready for traveling. Additionally, it measures approximately 3 by 2 by 1 inches while weighing 3.7 ounces.

EasyAcc 20W 4A 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Folding Plug and Smart Technology Travel Charger For iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Tab


1. Versatile.

2. It can withstand high voltages up to 5 volts.

3. One-year warranty is included.

4. Occupy little storage space.


1. Moderately expensive.

9.EC Technology 3-port 20W USB Wall Charger

This is a great quality wall charger. It features automatic mechanism that identify the current input of your devices while selecting the most appropriate output. This saves on time and energy. It can give up to 20 watts’ output. The ports can accommodate different cell phones models. Its design has meet the standard requirements from relevant bodies. The charger switches off automatically once all the connected devices are completely charged. Superior nonflammable plastic outer cover among other collective protective measures keep the charger from wearing off. The charging speed goes up to 2.4 amperes per port.


1. High charging speed.

2. Great quality wall charger.

3. Last longer.


1. Heavyweight

8.Next Shine 4 port USB Wall Charger Station

This multi-functional wall charger features four USB ports. It is stylish hence so attractive to most of the users. Perfect for family use. It supports modern smartphones including samsung grou. The product ensures minimal charging space as only one outlet is required to serve multiple devices. This reduces cable cluttering. Its spontaneous design coordinate with the advancing life style. It offers maximum charging efficiency by taking less time for a complete charge. Integrated circuit detectors are fitted to sense any high temperatures, overload, high currents and short-circuiting. Detector offer protection to the device by sending signal to the communication board to stop charging in case it detects any unusual condition.

Next-shine 36 Watt Universal Multi-Port 4 Port USB Travel Wall Outlet Charger Desktop Hub Charging Station for iPhone 6 / 6 S/ 6 Plus, iPad / Samsung Android Tablets and Others with High Speed,Black


1. Offers protection to the device.

2. Maximum efficiency.

3. 4 USB ports.

4. Durable.


1. Limited charging ports.

7. ANKER all Charger PowerPort 4

This is a high quality cellphone wall charger have been reviewed positively by the users. It offers perfect charging for android devices, Samsung models and iPhones. It has got solid design and fold-able plug making it ideal travel accessory. It features for 4 inputs for charging different models cell phones. Incorporated powerIQ with voltage boost works together to ensure faster charging ranging from 8 – 2.4 amps per port. Its construction assimilates safety measures that ensure reliability of the charger to the user and the device itself.


1. Portable.

2. Protection to the user and the device.

3. Reliable.

4. Offers user manual.


1. The company do not offer lifetime warranty.

6. iClever BoostCube 40W wall Charger

We always admire up-date devices. it incorporate modern technology for its functionality. It can sense and identify the device being charged. It offers different charging abilities depending on the device. Charges faster giving four output. It features various protection mechanism that safeguard the device from heating up. It has got Light emitting diode that checks and notify whether the charger is connected correctly. The company suppliers are friendly and reliable. They offer 1 month guaranteed money back warranty.

iClever BoostCube 40W 8A 4-Port USB Wall Charger, Multi-Port Travel Charger, Charging Station for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini 4/3, Galaxy/Note/Edge, LG, Nexus, HTC, and More


1. Saves charging time.

2. Reliable supplier.

3. Small and portable.


1. Very selective.

5. Noot Phone Charger

This wall chargers are normally sold out together with cell phone devices though original replacement are also available in the market too. This ensures proper charging of the device is the initial wall charger fails to work. It works best with iPhone, Apple, iPad and iPod. The product is manufactured using long lasting resistant plastics. It well rated to work with standard electrical outlets that give a 240 voltage supply. Its brainy integrated circuit chips use refined circuitry to control the output power as per the device ratings. This prevents the chances of overcharging that results to heating hence damaging the device. Its compact lightweight design makes it portable. Available in the market at affordable price.

Galaxy S6 Charger, NOOT PRODUCTS Universal USB Wall Charger [2-Port | 10W] with SmartQ Technology for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Google, HTC, Motorola, LG and More


1. Durable and portable.

2. Affordable price.

3. Intelligent ICs


1. Limited usage.

4.AUKEY 12W Dual Port Home Travel USB Wall Charger Adapter

This wall charger features small compact design. Based on this feature, the product is ideal for outdoor usage due its capability to fit into our travel bags. AiPower technology protects devices by regulating the input current. It works well with most cell phones devices powered using USB cables. Its fold-able plug eases its storage. It weighs about 45g thus most portable wall charger ever available.


1. Small lightweight design.

2. Compatible most of USB powered devices.

3. Convenient to use.


1. Only two charging ports are included.

3. Next-shine Universal 5-Port USB

This wall charger is specifically designed for iPhones, Samsung models and iPads. It charges at high speed saving a lot on time yet relieving on charging space for other devices. Only one power outlets are required to charge 5 cell phones devices at a time. The modern integrated circuit controls extreme temperatures that results to overheating. The ports work very efficiently giving full confidence over the product. The charger switches itself off automatically when the connected devices are fully charged. This mechanism gives more protection.

Next-shine Universal 5-Port USB Travel Charger Desktop Hub Charging Station for iPhone 6 / 6 S/ 6 Plus, iPad / Samsung with High Speed,Black


1. Heat resistant materials boosts its liespan.

2. Faster charging.

3. Compatible with various devices.


1. only for Samsung, iPhones and iPads.

2. Zilu 20w 3-Port High Speed Wall USB Charger

Most of the people are opting for multipurpose cellphone wall chargers. Zilu 20w 3-Port High Speed Wall USB Charger are compatible with various cell phone models including Samsung tablets, Galaxy and majority of iPhones. It features 3 USB ports. The product recognizes the device so as to charge faster. It inputs AC 100- 240 volts that is compatible with most of the devices. Its portable design makes it ideal accessory for touring. The external part is durable made of strong heat resistant plastics.


1. Suits global travel.

2. Extensive input voltage.

3. User menu is included on purchase.


1. Not easily accessible in the market.

1.Asstar USB Wall Charger

This versatile charger can be used at our residential areas, office and outdoor places without any meaningful challenge. On purchase, one-in-all USB cable is included. The cable is coated using nylon to improves its durability. It is a suitable accessory for most smartphones. It is very easy to use by simply plugging into the socket and switching it on. The lightweight nature makes its maneuvering very as easy. Available in different colors at affordable prices.


1. Cheap to purchase.

2. Portable.

3. Versatile.


1. Only one charging port is available.

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