How to Assemble the Perfect Travel First Aid Kit

There is nothing that gives you more thrill than going on a long trip, but there are some responsibilities you must undertake too, such as looking after yourself and others who are travailing with you. One of the most important things that you need to carry along while travelling is a first aid kit, because injuries and medical emergencies can strike just anywhere, out of the blue.

travel first aid kit

Here are some tips to help you assemble the perfect travel first aid kit:

1. Get the right size because you wouldn’t want something that would occupy a hefty space in your travel bag, neither should it be so small that it would not carry all the essentials. The size of your travel first aid kit depends upon your destination and the duration of your trip, as you might be going to a remote place where it would be hard to procure the aid you would require in the event of a medical emergency.

2. People suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease should carry all the medicine they would require in the course of the journey. Also, you should be aware of allergies and triggers and carry the required things in the first aid kit. Taking along your prescription in the travel kit is another good idea.

3. A well stocked travel first aid kit is definitely going to make you feel safer and relaxed during your trip. The kit must have all that you keep in your home first aid kit, starting from band aids to bandages, antiseptic lotion, medicated creams, adhesive tapes, sterilized gloves, sanitizers and thermometer. Common medicines such as those for diarrhea, constipation, mild fever, cough and cold, allergic reactions, digestive troubles etc.. should also be kept in the first aid kit. A soap and hand sanitizer is also essential as these ensure that you do not spread infection while giving first aid to someone. In case someone amongst you has a medical history, carry the written details as well as emergency contact numbers like that of their doctor, in the kit itself.

4. Keep in mind what you are planning to do during the trip. For instance, those going for hiking need stuff like bandages, cold packs, antiseptics etc… in the kit, while a beach vacation means that sunscreen is a must have in your travel first aid kit. A thermometer is also a must carry thing in the travel kit, as fever may come during travel and has to be recorded before being treated.

5. A sling and broad spectrum antibiotics in your travel medical kit means that you are prepared for all kinds of contingencies which may surface during the trip because anything is possible and you must leave no stone unturned in making your travel a safe and pleasant experience.

It is important to pack your travel first aid kit well and in time, making sure that none of the medicines in it is expired and everything is easily accessible.

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