The Ten Most Gorgeous Airline Stewardess

An airline stewardess is important personnel in the airplane. She needs to be there to help passengers. To qualify for this job, there are some physical attributes which you must have. The most common height to have is between 4 feet and 11 inches to 6 feet to 3 inches. When it comes to the weight, it has to be proportional to your height and you must have a vision of at least 20 /30. This means that, for vision, anybody can pass as you can use lenses or contact glasses to achieve it. It is normally rumored that, physical appearance is not important when it comes to a flight attendant, but you just need to be well groomed. Contrary to this common belief, it is important to have an attractive appearance as it gives you an upper hand when you are looking for this particular job and due to the fact that you are the face of the airline, it is expected that you be gorgeous.

Some of the most attractive flight attendants include:

10. Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International

Thai Airways is the national carrier of Thailand. Their flight attendants provide the best care in the air as they give attention to detail, thus making the passenger more comfortable while they are in the air. It has made the airline to win a lot of awards for their exceptional quality services. Coming to their uniform, they have a unique purple colored uniform that is rated as one of the best airline flight attendant uniform.

9. Air Asia

Air Asia

This airline has been noted to be a low cost carrier that has the best flight airline stewardess in the world. They have an iconic red uniform which makes them stand out from the crowd. It will be no surprise that one will be captivated by the red dressed airline stewardess when you arrive at any of the Malaysian airlines. While at the airport, it is breathtaking to see this princesses walking with their trolleys ready for the next flight. It is rumored that, they are even hotter than their hot meals!

8. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

This airline provides numerous accolades and it is regarded as one of the best airline in Asia. It has sexy and very sharp airline stewardess. Dressed in their killer designs of red attire, they are the prettiest in the industry. They have models for stewardess.

7. Aeroflot Air

Aeroflot Air

Their hostess come dressed in angled neck ties, crisps caps and highly fashioned red attire that makes them to be among the best airhostesses. It has made passengers to rate the airline as one of the world’s most stylish of them all.

6. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

They normally come dressed in stylish silk neck ties on red suits. Look at them and they will remind you of HBO tv stars in those seductive uniforms. In 2011, they were voted as the most attractive airline hostesses. They are nicknamed “red hotties” just to show how hot they are.

5. Lufthansa


This is a very popular airline in Europe as it has a cabin crew which is drawn from different ethnicity background .it has some of the striking beauties found in the skies. Their staff are friendly and provide service attitude which is acceptable to their passengers.

4. Emirates


This is one of the luxury airline in the skies. It has the most elegant flight stewardesses who are drawn from different nationalities. They come with different shapes, looks and styles which when mixed, brings out a perfect blend for the airline. They are attractive and very polished and they will leave you mesmerized. Their outfits makes them alluring and so appealing.

3. Kingfisher Airline

Kingfisher Airline

This is one of India’s favorite airline as it has some of the world’s hottest airline hostesses. They come dressed in iconic red uniforms that leaves them looking superb which will automatically catch your attention.

2. Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline

The flight attendant for Singapore airline are not only attractive, but also friendly to the passengers. They are normally dressed in what they normally refer to as “Sarong Kebaya” which leaves them looking glamorous all the time. They are always recognized for their best cabin services and hospitality.

1. Air France

Air France

Air France has the most uncomfortable economy seats but their flight attendants are so dreamy that you won’t even notice the lack of comfortability. Their uniform is designed by Christian Lacroix.

Being served by a hot hostess in the air will make your flight experience to be short and memorable. And in most cases, this hot hostess don’t confuse business with pleasure so don’t expect much more than a friendly service aboard their airline.

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