Top 10 Best Coffee Brands in the World 2015

Coffee is undoubtedly the world’s favorite drink, thanks to its amazing taste and invigorating impact, which makes a cuppa essential for the most special moments of our lives. Perhaps, this is the reason why there are a large number of popular coffee brands, which are renowned globally.

Here are the 10 best brands of coffee in the world:

10. Peet’s

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One of the best and the finest brands of coffee is Peet’s, which originated in San Francisco, but now has a large number of consumers all over USA. The brand was a pioneer in the field of making people aware of the exciting taste of darker varieties of coffee. Peet’s is equally famous for its tea.

9. Green Mountain Roaster

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If you are looking for organic coffee, then Green Mountain Roaster is the brand for you. It has an unforgettable taste and aroma, which lingers on and on and continues to invigorate your senses even a long time after it has been drunk. It is created by simple roasting of Arabica beans.

8. Seattle’s

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A coffee wholesaler chain called Seattle’s Best Coffee is another coffee brand which has grabbed the attention of discerning coffee lovers around the world for its great taste and unique aroma.

7. Folgers

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Next on the list is an American coffee brand called Folgers, which dates back to 1850 when it was first introduced in California and continues to carry forward its legacy of refined taste over the centuries. It is a much sought after brand in North America.

6. Nescafe

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The Swisss brand Nescafe has the widest market in Europe and Asia, besides being one of the most popular coffee brands in the US. The leading brand was founded in 1938 and has a large number of ardent lovers around the world. It is acclaimed for the variety in flavors showcased by it.

5. Dunkin Donuts

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Dunkin Donuts is an American brand, which is loved not only for its coffee, but also its awesome snacking options. Started in Massachusetts in 1950 as a small business by William Rosenberg, today it has become a leading brand wuth global fame.

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4. Gloria Jean’s

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Another widely recognized coffee brand is Gloria Jean’s, a brand with as many as a thousand coffee shops in nearly 40 countries around the world. When it started as a small coffee house in Chicago in 1979, no one could ever imagine that it was poised to become such a big name.

3. Kopi Luwak

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Featuring next on the list of best coffee brands in the world is the Indonesian coffee known as Kopi Luwak, which is as unique in its flavor as in production process. The coffee is produced when the beans are consumed by an animal called palm civet and passed through its digestive tract after a few days. The beans are later cleaned and processed to create the most flavorful coffee in the world.

2. Caribou Coffee

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One of the most famous brands of coffee in the world is Caribou Coffee, which follows Starbucks to become the second largest espresso retail company in the US. This brand of coffee is acclaimed for its wonderful taste and rich aroma and has a considerable fan following around the world.

1. Starbucks

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Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in America and the world, with as many as 20891 coffee houses in 62 countries around the world. This is enough to judge the popularity of this well known coffee brand.

Lavassa, Maxwell House, Godiva Chocolatier, Kona Coffee, French Market and Gevalia are some other leading coffee brands. Each of these brands is recognized for its rich taste, aroma and texture.

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