Top 10 Best Hoverboards in 2020 Reviews

Hoverboard or alternatively, hover board, is a kind of fictional levitating board that is used by many people in the world for personal transportation, especially when spending time in the parks. For those who do not know, a hoverboard actually looks like a skateboard. This is portable enough and durable, so you can always carry it anywhere you want to without putting so much strain on your part. In relation to this, here are the top 10 best hoverboards in 2020 reviews that you should know:

10. Swagtron T1 – UL2272, $350 – $400

In all kinds of environment, you can be sure that Swagtron T1 – UL2272 can work well simply because of its amazing feature, which is the gyro-stabilized self-balancing system. It has a very safety-certified design, so you can be sure that it is such a great investment on your part, as far as hoverboard is concerned.

9. Swagtron T1 Hoverboard UL2272, $350 – $400

One thing that you will definitely love about the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard UL2272 is the fact that it has an electrical system that will give you a very safe and enjoyable hoverboarding experience. Just like the other Swagtron hover boards, this can also work well whatever kind of environment you are in. The weight capacity of this hoverboard is around 220 pounds.

8. DEKOTA Electric Unicycle + Self-balancing Scooter, $300 – $400

This is a kind of unicycle as well as a self-balancing scooter that you can have these days. However, using this will needs a considerable amount of balance on your part, so that you can enjoy it very well. The weight of this hoverboard is around 13.5 kilograms. It has a safety-certified battery pack, which also happens to be extremely powerful.

7. IO HAWK the Original, $500 – $1,500

The IO HAWK the Original is one of those very expensive hoverboards that you can have these days. Even so, the expensiveness of this particular hoverboard will be all justified by its amazing features that you will definitely love. The manufacturer of this is a world-renowned one, so there is no question why it is extremely expensive.

6. Sharper Image-Sogo, $350 – $450

When it comes to price, the Sharper Image-Sogo falls under the middle category. It is not that cheap and it is not that expensive. This one is a white colored hoverboard, and it is one of those hoverboards available that of very high quality. High-density ABS polymer plastic is the main material that is used in making this kind of hover board.

 5. Razor Hovertrax, $350 – $450

The Razor Hovertrax is a scooter hover board that will never disappoint you when it comes to price, quality and several other aspects. In other words, this kind of hoverboard is something that is worth investing. Its gyro-stabilized drifting board is very stable, so there is no way you can lose control while manipulating it. Over 220 pounds is the maximum weight capacity of this particular hoverboard.

 4. HoverTech Self Balancing Scooter, $350 – $400

This hover board is definitely a high quality and excellent one to have since it is manufactured by a well renowned company, which is HoverTech. Its compact mini design will definitely make you fall in love with this hoverboard. Just like any other excellent hoverboards out these, this one from HoverTech is also extremely durable.

 3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD, $350 – $1000

Another quite expensive hover board that you can have these days is the Powerboard by HOVERBOARD. One great thing about it is that it has a very beautiful design, that you might be the center of attraction while using it. The battery of this hoverboard will allow you to travel for around 10 kilometers, which is already a very far distance when it comes to hoverboard, right? The maximum weight that it can support is around 250 pounds.

 2. Swagtron by Swagway T3, $400 – $500

The Swagtron by Swagway T3 is another hoverboard that is sought after by a lot of people in the entire world because of its excellent quality and good price. Its advanced self-balancing design is one reason why it is chosen by many people out there.

1. Segway MiniPRO, $700 – $1,300

Segway MiniPRO

Among the numerous hover boards available in the market these days, the Segway MiniPRO is one of the most expensive ones that you can ever have. It can carry loads that have a maximum weight of around 220 pounds. Magnesium alloy is the main material that is used in manufacturing this kind of hoverboard.

These are the top 10 best hoverboards in 2020 reviews that you should know. Buying any of these hover boards will never make you feel regretful in the future. Hence, if it is a hoverboard you are looking for, then make sure to consider these ones.

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