Top 10 Best Keyboard Brands You Can Trust

A keyboard is another important accessory for a desktop or a personal computer. Without this, your personal computer can never be complete. However, before buying keyboards in the market nowadays, it is very important to consider their brands. Here are the top 10 best brands of keyboards you must know:

10. Metadot

Metadot Keyboard


Metadot Corporation is the one that manufactures Das keyboards. This open-source software firm is based in Austin, Texas. What made them unique to other keyboard brands is the fact they manufacture keyboards that do not have the key labels on it. You can’t see any letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboards. This is perfect if you want to master typing without looking on the keyboard.

9. Roccat

Roccat Keyboard


This brand of computer keyboards has been gaining more and more popularity day by day. Their products are high-tech enough to meet the requirements of many people in this modern world. Some of keyboards they sell are the Ryos series, Isku series, and the Arvo, which are perfect for gaming experience.

8. SteelSeries

SteelSeries Keyboard


This brand of keyboard has become very popular the moment they invented the SteelPad mouse mats. This is actually a Danish company that manufactures computer-related products. It is even known for producing gaming peripherals, and it happened the moment it acquired the North American-based company known as Ideazon.

7. Matias

Matias Keyboard


Based in Ontario, Canada, Matias Corporation is a company that manufactures high quality computer accessories. It was in the year 1990 when this brand was founded. There were three persons behind the foundation of this brand, and they were James McGowan, Steve McGowan, and Edgar Matias.

6. Mad Catz

Mad Catz Keyboard


When it comes to interactive entertainment products, Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. is very popular. The company was established in the year 1989, it has its main headquarter now in San Diego, California. This company is actually not just known from manufacturing computer-related products like keyboards since it also distributes video game products.

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5. Microsoft

Microsoft Keyboard


As far as computer-related products are concerned, Microsoft Corporation will surely flaunt out as one of the best companies. In case you don’t know, this company sells computer software like the Microsoft Windows, a kind of operating system for computers. This company also becomes popular now in smartphone hardware market since it acquired the Nokia’s name for mobile phones.

4. Corsair

Corsair Keyboard


Corsair Components, Inc. also has its production facility located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It is where the testing and packaging of selected products happen before releasing it to the market. All throughout Asia, Europe, and United States, it has marketing offices. This goes to show that Corsair keyboards and some other products are distributed worldwide.

3. Logitech

Logitech Keyboard


When it comes to tablets and personal computer accessories, Logitech International S.A. is one of the leading providers. Its main headquarter is located in Lusanne, Switzerland. However, this company already conquered the United States where it established its headquarter in Newark, California.

2. Cougar

Cougar Keyboard


A group of engineers established this brand in Germany way back in the year 2007. They are all passionate about manufacturing computer peripherals. Their products are very famous to professional gamers in the world. Their products are used worldwide like Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, and China.

1. Azio

Azio Keyboard

This brand of keyboard is driven with three core elements. These are convenience, entertainment, and accessibility. It has been operating for 15 years now, and it is an award winning brand in the industry where it belongs.

If you are looking for keyboards, these top 10 brands are the best to consider. They are well-known when it comes to this product.

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