Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2020

Toilet is one of the most important parts of a certain house. It is where you will release some of your body waste, so it might be the living ground of a number of bacteria that can be very harmful to your health. Because of this, it is very important that your toilet should be very clean at all times. It can be possible through the help of a toilet brush. In this regard, here are the top 10 best toilet brushes in 2020:

10. Estilo Toilet Brush, $9 – $15

Estilo Toilet Brush is known to be of high quality. When it comes to extremely stunning toilet brushes, this one will never be ranked on the bottom place. Its holder is a matte finish stainless steel, which makes it very sophisticated in appearance. With its matte finish stainless steel container, nobody can tell that it is actually a toilet brush.

9. JustNile Stylish Toilet Bowl Brush, $17 – $20 

If you have a very sophisticated bathroom or toilet design, then the JustNile Stylish Toilet Bowl Brush is the perfect one for you to have. Its box or container is made from plum leather, so you can be sure that it will look great and it can be very durable. It has taller holder, so you can surely hide the brush whenever you want to.

8.Rubbermaid Commercial FG632000BRN Toilet Bowl Brush, $6 – $9

The Rubbermaid Commercial FG632000BRN Toilet Bowl Brush is well known for its versatility. Whether you want to clean the bottom of the rim or the sides of your toilet bowl, this is the perfect one for you to use. The brush itself exactly measures 16 inches in length and 4 inches in width.

7. InterDesign Duetto Bowl Brush, $12 – $18

High quality plastic bristles are the ones being used in making the InterDesign Duetto Bowl Brush, and it looks very stunning because of its chrome accents. The total height of this brush is 17.25 inches, and it has a diameter of 4 inches.

6. Quickie Mfg 306 Scrubber Brush, $3 – $7

The Quickie Mfg 306 Scrubber Brush might be one of those very affordable brushes available today, but its usefulness are great enough for you not to notice it. It is capable in cleaning not only your toilet bowl, but also your bathtub and your sink. It is a medium-duty toilet brush, but it is known to be extremely durable.

5. OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush, $16 – $23

If you want to have a very advanced toilet brush, then having the OXO Good Grips Toile Brush is the best thing that you can do. It has a neck that is very durable and flexible. Apart from that, it has a tiny brush that you can use even to those tiny or narrow spaces of your toilet bowl.

4. Superior Toilet Brush, $8 – $10

Another very affordable toilet brush that you can buy these days is the Superior Toilet Brush. The handle of this brush is made in a way that you will not have a hard time in holding it. It is also made to be very durable and it is very eco-friendly. Hence, if you care about the nature, then this is the one that you should have.

3. Simplehuman Toilet Brush, $19 – $25

In case you are in a very tight budget, then the Simplehuman Toilet Brush is definitely not the toilet brush that you should buy. It is simply because it has higher price when compared to some other toilet brushes available. Even so, you can be sure that it is of very high quality and you can use it for longer period of time since it is very durable.

2. Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush, $3 – $5

For those homeowners out there who do not have enough budget, then having the Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush is the best thing that you can have. High quality nylon bristles are the ones being used in making the Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush. With that being said, you can be sure of its durability even though it has lesser price compared to others.

1. Lysol Bowl Brush, $3 – $6

Lysol Bowl Brush

Another very affordable toilet brush that you can buy these days is the Lysol Bowl Brush. Even though it is very affordable, this toilet brush is sure to be of excellent quality. What is best about this one is it is made with an antimicrobial agent as well as tapered fibers.

These are the top 10 best toilet brushes in 2020 that you should know. When you inspect it well, the prices of these toilet brushes are just nothing if it is their functions that you will try to mind. There is no way you cannot clean your toilet bowls well using these toilet brushes.

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