Top 10 Disney Princesses that Seem to Be Already Forgotten

Every little girl has been dreaming to be a princess, and the Disney television shows, movies, and fairy tale stories have extremely big influence to this. When talking about princesses, little girls will automatically think of those famous Disney princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, Fiona, and Sleeping Beauty. Even so, did you know that there are still a lot more princesses in Disney apart from those popular ones? Yes, and it seems that people have forgotten them already. In this regard, here are 10 Disney Princesses that Seem to Be Already Forgotten:

10. Princess Atta

Princess Atta

If you have seen the Disney movie titled “A Bug’s Life”, then you surely know Princess Atta. She happens to be the princess of the ant colony in that movie. She is a very intelligent ant princess who only wants nothing but the best for her family and for the entire ant colony. With that being said, there is no wonder why she was given a big responsibility in the colony as the eldest amongst her siblings.

9. Princess Eilonwy

Princess Eilonwy

As the princess of Llyr, Eilonwy is very affectionate and heroic in nature. She cares too much about her friends, family, and for the other people in the kingdom. Even so, these good characteristics of hers are being covered by her talkativeness and her cynical nature. If you have seen the Disney movie titled “The Black Cauldron”, then you would know her for sure.

8. Princess Megara

Princess Megara

You will see Princess Megara when you watch Disney movies and television shows of Hercules. She was the leading lady of Hercules, who happens to be the son of Zeus. In the animated movie Hercules, Princess Megara is just a commoner. However, there’s a big twist on her true identity since she is the daughter of the King of Thebes, whom is Creon.

7. Princess Giselle

Princess Giselle

Princess Giselle is the princess of the Kingdom of Andalasia. She is very sweet, independent, and romantic. She has a good life as princess, but not until the greedy Queen Narissa made some conspiracy that made her moved to New York, in which she has a very tough life as a commoner. The wicked queen is actually the step-mom of her love interest, Prince Edward.

6. Princess Melody

Princess Melody

Princess Melody is the daughter of Ariel, and you can see her in the sequel movie of the Little Mermaid, which is titled The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She is a fun loving and intelligent princess. Unlike her mother, Princess Melody is a human being and not a mermaid. This is why she keeps on wishing to become one.

5. Princess Kiara

Princess Kiara

If you have seen the movie Lion King II, then you probably know Princess Kiara. She is the lovely daughter of the Lion King, Simba, and his wife named Nala. Just like any other princesses in various kingdoms, Kiara is also very brave and has strong conviction whe she is doing or wanting something.

4. Princess Dot

Princess Dot

Princess Dot is also being called as Tiny Dot, and this is because of her tiny size. Just like Princess Atta, you can also see her in the Disney animated film titled “A Bug’s Life”. She is the younger sister of Atta and also a princess in the ant colony. She hates her tiny size so much, and this size of hers is the reason why she’s not as brave as her sister.

3. Princess Faline

Princess Faline

Princess Faline can be seen in the animated movie titled “Bambi”. She is a deer and Bambi’s love interest, who happens to be the Prince of the Forest. She’s actually a commoner, and she became a princess after marrying Bambi. She is romantic in personality and has a very bubbly nature. Being at the side of Bambi forever is the only dream of Princess Faline.

2. Princess Tiger Lily

Princess Tiger Lily

Princess Tiger Lily and Pocahontas has the same lineage. If she is not that familiar to you, then you can see her in the Disney animated movie titled “Peter Pan”. She is the daughter of the Indian’s Native Chief. She happens to be Peter Pan’s friend in the said movie. She is snobbish sometimes and she always hold her head high, which is one obvious sign of her royal blood.

1. Princess Kida Nedakh

Princess Kida Nedakh

Princess Kida Nedakh bears the real name of Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh, and you can see her in the Disney animated movie titled “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. She is already a princess before she was born since she is the lovely and beautiful daughter of the King of Atlantis, whom is Kashekim Nedakh. Right after the sudden death of her father, she has no choice but to accept the responsibility of a queen.

These are the 10 Disney princesses that seem to be already forgotten these days. They might not be as popular as the others, but they have all the characteristics of being a princess.

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