Top 10 Facts About Aleppo

Just in case you do not know, Aleppo is known to be the Aleppo Governorate’s capital. It is one city in the beautiful country of Syria, and it is the most populated metropolitan area within the country. It is one very old city, which continues to survive even after the numerous civil wars that arisen in Syria. The war is even continuing even up to these days. Apart from those, do you know some more important things about the said city? Well, here are top 10 facts about Aleppo that you might be very interested to know:


10. Not all terrorists in Aleppo came from the city itself.

85 percent of these terrorists came from the other parts of the world like in the North Caucasus and the Chechnya regions in Russia, North Africa, Gulf Arab states, and Turkey. This goes to show that only 15 percent from these large numbers of terrorists came from the city itself.

9. Aleppo is also a business center in Syria.

The city is well known when it comes to the industries of soap and dye making, cotton printing, and silk weaving. It is also greatly being associated to preparation of nuts, dried fruits, wools, and hides. This goes to show that Aleppo is not only a city of civil wars. As a matter of fact, the city is also known as the main producer of agricultural products like sesame, barley, wheat, pistachio nuts, and some nutritious veggies.

8. Aleppo is an intellectual center of the country.

There are lots of things that said to be originated in the city like the traditional Arab handicrafts, cuisine, music, and poetry. In fact, this is where you can find the renowned university that was founded way back in the year 1960. This is none other than the Aleppo University, which is known to be an institute of music.

7. In the year 2012, Al-Qaeda tried to conquer the city of Aleppo.

Al-Qaeda is a notorious terrorist group that is composed of large numbers of members of different nationalities. Since the city became unsecured place during that year, 600,000 people from Aleppo fled to Western Aleppo, which is a Syrian government protected area.

6. Aleppo is unknown when it comes to age.

In other words, the exact age of the city has never been discovered. There are still a lot of archaeologists nowadays who are trying to figure out its exact age through the ruins and fossils found in the city. Even so, Aleppo is considered to be amongst those cities in the entire world that have been existing for a very long time already.

5. Halab is the Arabic name of Aleppo.

This Arabic name has ancient Semitric origin. This name was firstly mentioned in the Ebla’s archives. Ebla was an ancient city that was known to exist way back in the third millennium BCE. Halab was said to be the place where a very important temple was built. This temple was built in honor of the Near Eastern Storm God, known as Hadad.

4. Arabs conquered the Aleppo city way back in 637 CE.

It was also the time when the city was called Halab. As independent principality, the Hamdanid dynasty managed to establish itself within the city. It was way back in the 10th century. The Sayf al-Dawlah was the brilliant founder of the dynasty here. Under its dynasty, the city had rich and brilliant cultural life.

3. The very first chaos happened in Aleppo can be dated back in 962.

The chaos was started by the Nicephorus II Phocas’ Byzantine army. Right after that, major wars happened for the desire of having for control of the Northern Syria. These wars were between the Seljuq, Fatimid, and Byzantine people who wanted to have great power in the city. It was all because of power why war arose in the city in the ancient times.

2. Aleppo became the center of Muslim resistance.

It all happened way back in the 12th century when the Crusaders tried to conquer the city and convert into a new religion from Islam. In 1129, Imad al-Din Zangi was the one who had full control of the city, and he was the reason why Crusaders had done nothing in the city.

1. Aleppo is a very gifted city when it comes to breathtaking sites.

This goes to show that Aleppo, or Syria in general, is not only a place of war. This can also be the most beautiful tourist place when you visit it. Some of the breathtaking sceneries here are the Saint Simon Citadel, the Dead City of Serjilla, the Aleppo Citadel, and the Bab Al Faraj Square.

These are just 10 facts about Aleppo that you should know. There are still more that might stir the interest within you. Aleppo is a very historic city, and not just a city of war.

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