Top 10 World’s Greatest Sport Events Today

A lot of people are engaging themselves into different kinds of sports. Some of these people are considering the sport they are in as their profession such as those famous professional basketball players. There are also some who are using sports as their way of making themselves healthy. Here are the 10 greatest and biggest sport events these days:

10. NBA League

NBA League

This premier league of basketball for men is the most-awaited one for basketball fans all over the world. It was way back on June 6, 1946 when National Basketball Association was founded. It was originally named as BAA or Basketball Association of America. It is actually just one of the four major professional sports leagues held in North America.

9. Formula One Racing

Formula One Racing

The Formula One Racing competition is an exciting car racing event participated by numerous professional car racers coming from the four corners of the world. It is also known as Grand Prix, and it takes 3 days to conclude. Most of the time, this will start Friday and ends on Sunday.

8. Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

Since 1987, this sports event is already catching the interests of billions of sports enthusiast worldwide. This event only takes place every four years. The current title holder of Rugby World Cup is the team from New Zealand. This year, Rugby World Cup will be held in England.

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7. Tour de France Cycling

Tour de France Cycling

It is a sport event that has something to do with bicycle racing. It involves different stages that every participant must pass through. This sport event is exactly where it is held. Sometimes, the said event covers cycling not only in the entire France, but to some other countries as well. Amaury Sport Organization is the responsible behind this event.

6. Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon Tennis

This tennis league is always held in Wimbledon, London. This tournament started in the year 1877. Among the major tennis tournaments the world has to offer such as US Open, French Open, and Australian Open, Wimbledon Tennis league is the oldest one.

5. Super Bowl

Super Bowl

This particular sport event is actually the National Football League’s annual championship game. A lot of people are watching this event for football professionals. It is one sport event looked forward by many individuals not only in the US, but in Mexico, Canada, and England as well.

4. Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

ICC or International Cricket Council is the one that organizes such sport event. There are actually 2 kinds of cricket tournaments nowadays. These are the T 20 Cricket and the One Day International or ODI. It was way back in the year 2007 when T 20 Cricket was firstly conducted. On the other hand, One Day International was firstly conducted in the year 1975 in England.

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3. The UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League

European Cup or the European Champion Club’s Cup was the original name of UEFA Champions League. It is a competition for different professional football teams in Europe. It was started in the year 1955.

2. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

This is actually a sport event for professional football teams that are registered in FIFA or Federation Internationale de Football Association. It is participated by several countries of the world.

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1. Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Over 200 countries are participating in this particular sport event. This is one reason why it is the number one greatest sport event the world has to offer nowadays. There are lots of sports played in this competition.

These are the top 10 greatest sport events that many people worldwide are waiting for. If you are a sport enthusiast, then watching these sports competitions is definitely worthwhile.

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