Top 10 Incredible Coincidence of the World

There are things which happen in the world that leave us amazed if not astonished. We are left to wonder the reason behind the happening, why that specific event happened and if it was destiny or some logic. Whatever the answer, in most cases, they seem coincidental.

Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy

Here are some 10 events which happened simultaneously by coincidence.

10. The Halley Comet and Mark Twain

In 1835, when the Halley’s Comet appeared, that is when Mark Twain was born. In 1909, he said he came with Halley Comet and will again go with it the following year,1910 when it appears again. And this he predicted his death and it indeed happen that when the Halley Comet appeared in 1910, Mark Twain died.

9. Three Strangers Sharing Same Last Names

In 1920s there were three Britons who were traveling in a train unrelated at all yet they shared names. When they did introduce to each other, person number one’s was Bingham, person number two’s name was Powell and person number three’s name was Bingham-Powell.

8. The Unlucky 21stDate For King Louis XVI

When the King was born, he was warned by an astrologer that, 21st is not the best of dates for him. Louis became terrified by this fact that he tried to save himself from the date. 21st became his black day. On 21st June 1791, a French revolution happened and he was arrested together with his queen. September 21st, 1791, France dissolved the institution of royalty and made itself a republic country. In January 21st King Louis XVI faced assassination and was beheaded.

7. An Author Found Book of Her Childhood Days

Anne Parish, an author from Paris was roaming in a bookstore, she got her favorite olden days book. She passed to her husband who on perusing the book, was amazed to find Ann’s full names inscribed on the book cover  plus her  home town, street address, so automatically, this turns out to be her own book which she founded again by herself.

6. Same Monk Stopping Same Person From Committing Suicide Thrice

A painter in Austria by name Joseph Aigner was unhappy and tried to commit suicide thrice, and in all the three attempts, he was saved by the same monk. The first attempt was when he was 18 years, he tried to hanghimself, but was saved by a capuchin monk. At the age of 22, he also tried to hang himself, but was again saved by a capuchin monk. Some years later,he received threats of been given a death sentence due to his political involvement, but he was still saved by a capuchin monk who intervened. At the age of 68, he succeeded in killing himself and surprisingly, his funeral was conducted by the same capuchin monk.

5. Two Twins Separated by Birth

Two twins were born in Ohio, but were separated due to adoption by different foster families. Both were named James by their foster families and they grew apart, unaware that they were twins. When all grown, they started looking for the same job as they were both good painters and carpenter. They both married women by the name Linda and when they gave birth, both named their children James Alen. With time, both divorced their wives and remarried women named Bretty. Both had a dog by the name Toy and when they reached their 40s, they got to know about each other living the same life.

4. Brothers Dying in Cardiac Arrest

They were twin brothers who lived 80 miles away from each other in Britain. They both died on the evening of 27 May 1975 after feeling chest pains. They were admitted in different hospitals where both died almost the same time due to cardiac arrest.

3. Same Spot, Different People Killed In Same Way

While riding a motorcycle in 1975, in Bermuda Island, a taxi hit the cycle man who died instantly. One year later, a different person, riding the same motorcycle, died after being hit by the same taxi at the same spot.

2. Twin Brothers Born and Died At The Same Time

It happened in Finland, on March 2002, when twin brothers died on the same day, separated by only two hours. They both died in a car accident on the same road.

1. Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy

They were both presidents of the United States of America, both elected by the 46th Representatives of the house of commons. John F. Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946 while             Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1846. They both carry 7 contain in their names. They were both shot in their back on Friday in the presence of their wives. Kennedy was shot by a shot made by Ford made by Lincoln while Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theatre.

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