Top 10 Incredible Stories of Survival

Conventionally, survival for us is what we do to feed our family and ourselves. But, really survival stories are pretty different than this and quite nerve wrecking. These survival stories are the winning stories of real survivors surviving the attack of sharks and Grizzly bears, surviving the sub-zero temperature, where all hopes are almost frozen. So, here is an account of such incidents braved by many survivors; read them and be the part of their all most impossible still the I-M-POSSIBLE survivals.

10. Flying Solo Across the Globe

Flying Solo Across the Globe

Steve Fossett was determined to fly solo in a helium balloon around the globe. After covering two-thirds of the way successfully, while trying to fly past a storm over the Coral Sea, his balloon blew up and his passenger capsule made its descent towards the ocean. Amazingly, Steve survived and after 10 hours, he was rescued. Not one to be demoralised, in 2002 he completed his round-the-world flight in his air balloon on the sixth attempt, in 15 days, beginning from and landing in Australia.

9. The Nepal Quake

The Nepal Quake

Rita Maya Shrestra was six and a half months pregnant, when the great quake hit on April 24th, 2015, claiming over 8000 lives. Shrestra was trapped under the ruins of her house for three hours with a crushed hip and fractured leg before her family finally dug her out. She received medical attention after 6 days of unbearable pain.

8. Surviving the Tsunami

Surviving the Tsunami

Marthunis, a 17-year-old lad recalled his feelings on the fateful day the Asian Tsunami hit. He was playing soccer with his friends, when the ear piercing sound of the earthquake startled them all. His family head out in their minivan, but the roads were packed with traffic, trying to escape the scenario. The devastatingly gigantic wave hurled towards them, causing the van to tumble many times. Marthunis woke up in the water, afloat, holding onto a school chair. He was rescued after 20 days and was reunited with his father. Sadly, his mother and sister succumbed to the disaster.

7. Mauled by a Grizzly

Mauled by a Grizzly

Hugh Glass was a famous American fur trapper. In August 1923, on an expedition with a few others, Glass was attacked by a grizzly and suffered massive injuries, exposing his ribs. His companions assumed he would definitely die, and left him with two others, who were asked to bury him after death. The two fled with his rifle and knife after shrouding him with bearskin. Glass woke up without weapons, covered his wounds with the bearskin and pressed his back against a log allowing maggots to feed on the rotting flesh. He was helped by Native Americans who gave him food and water and sewed the bear hide onto his back covering his wounds.

6. The Fateful Everest Climb

The Fateful Everest Climb

The story of Beck Weathers inspired the 2015 movie Everest. In May 1996, along with eight others, Weathers took the expedition to Mt Everest. He had been operated for radial keratotomy and was blinded by UV exposure and high altitude. After being caught in subzero temperatures for eighteen hours, Weathers regained his consciousness. His extremities, parts of right and left arm, parts of legs and nose were frozen and appeared like “porcelain” and had to be amputated.

5. Sperm whale Sinks the Ship

Sperm whale Sinks the Ship

The Essex was a whaleboat that in 1820 was rammed into and sunk by a sperm whale in the Pacific Ocean. 21 sailors on board the ship were left stranded with only enough food supply to last them some time. Soon they resorted to cannibalism, consuming the bodies of crew members after drawing lots to decide who had to be sacrificed or of those that passed away. Unable to consume seawater, the men drank their urine to kill thirst. Only 8 survived. The interesting account t of the incident led to the compilation of the famous classic Moby Dick in 1851 by Hermann Melville.

4. Shark Attack

Shark Attack

In the October of 1982 Deborah Kiley set sail on a yacht from Maine to Florida with three men and a woman. The yacht sank in a fierce storm, and the survivors were left dehydrated and hungry. Soon the thirst-driven men aboard got to ingesting the salt water. Delusional they pushed the dinghy into shark-filled waters. One of them swam away into oblivion, never heard of or seen again and the other was eaten by sharks directly beneath Kiley’s dinghy. The woman died of injuries to her leg when the yacht sank. Kiley covered herself with seaweed to keep out the cold until she and the only other crew member were rescued.

3. November 2015 Paris Attack

November 2015 Paris Attack

The dreadful and gruesome Paris attack in the Bataclan concert hall, as four gunmen entered the premises, killed the bouncers and unleashed havoc with their Kalashnikovs left 129 people killed and over 300 injured. Gregoire Philonenko lay still with his 19 year old son as the assailants came kicking every collapsed body on the ground. Philonenko had a prosthetic leg, hence on kicking he did not resist or flinch, aiding them to believe he was dead.

2. Stuck in the Blue Canyon

Stuck in the Blue Canyon

Aron Lee Ralston was hiking in Utah in the Blue Canyon when he was stuck for 127 hours between a rock wall and a boulder. The only way to make an escape was to amputate his right arm himself. The man used a blunt pocket knife and worked his painful way through it. The incident was later converted into a big Hollywood picture, 127 hours, starring James Franco.

1. LANSA Flight 508

LANSA Flight 508

On 24th December 1971, the ill-fated LANSA flight 508 hit the ground after being caught in a thunderstorm while travelling from Lima to Iquitos with a stopover in Pucallpa. Even on hitting turbulent weather, the flight operators decided to continue flying killing 90 out of 91 people on board, including 6 members of the flight crew. The lone survivor was Juliane Koepcke, a 17-year-old German Peruvian. The young girl was strapped on to her seat and hit a canopy in the Peruvian rainforest. She miraculously survived a thousand feet fall with just a collarbone fracture and was rescued after 9 days by loggers in the region.

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