Top 10 Injuries Almost Every Sportsperson Suffer

Being an athlete has its own toll. You get exposed to all kinds of physical endurance. Regardless of the rigorous training and all, an athlete is bound to suffer from injuries during his course of asports career.

Some of the injuries are instantly curable with a pack of ice and little streching while some take ages to heal. It’s always hard to see yourself in the rehabilitation while your mates enjoy the game out there in the green.

The list of injuries that can occur to a sportsperson is a never ending one. Although we’ve tried to compile a few of them in our post today. Read along to know 10 such injuries faced by a sportsperson during his career.

10) Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis

  • It occurs in the Achilles tendon located at the back of the ankle.
  • The obvious reason for the injury on Achilles is overuse of the ankle and excessive rotation around it.
  • It’s common for the basketball and volleyball players.

9) Arch Pain

Arch Pain

  • It occurs on the plantar fascia, a covering on the human foot. Plantar fascia holds the arch and keeps its flat.
  • The root cause of it is the overstretching or tearing of the arch layer. The injury causes inflammation and increases pain in the area.
  • Runners are more prone to such injuries.

8) Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee

  • It a scenario where the pain residesin the knee areas.
  • Often the repeated bending or misalignment of kneecap results in such injury. Although fluid buildup may cause it too.
  • The athletes prone to such injury is runners.

7) Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

  • A common injury occurring around the ankle area is called ankle sprain.
  • The tear on theligament of the ankle causes the ankle to sprain. Normally these range from mild to the severe ones where ahairline fracture can occur.
  • The prone athletes to this kind of injury are joggers, volleyball players, and tennis players.

6) Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

  • Tennis Elbow is an injury where the forearm muscles and tendons get inflamed. The pain may be on the outside part or on the inside part as per the inflammation.
  • It occurs as a result of repeated use of wrists.
  • Normally tennis players and golfers are prone to it. Our very own Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar suffered from this injury during his career.

5) Shin Splints

Shin Splints

  • As the name suggests, this refers to the painful sensations in the bone regions of theshin.
  • It occurs as a result of continuous stress on the muscle fibers of the shin bone. Normally one needs to go through the x-ray to find out the extent of fracture or splints.

4) Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement

  • A sportspersonis exposed to various rigorous training. As a result, the rotary cuff muscles may suffer weakness.
  • Such weakness in the rotary cuff muscles is called shoulder impingement.
  • Golfers and athletes with heavy shoulder stress are more prone to this injury.

3) Lower Back Strain

Lower Back Strain

  • A pretty common injury among the sportsperson, lower back strains are caused due to overstressing of the strained or weak muscles.
  • Excessive physical activities pressuring the back area is what causes the lower back strain.
  • Mostly the weightlifters, tennis players, and martial artists are prone to the injur

2) Muscle Pull

Muscle Pull

  • This is another of the common injuries occurring in the sports world.
  • It occurs generally as the muscles stretch beyond their capacity or limit. Such stretch tears the muscle fibers.
  • Sometime over fatigue may also cause such injury.

1) Neck Pain

Neck Pain

  • The sudden pull on the backside of the neck is called neck pain or sprain.
  • The stiffening of muscles on the backside or sideways creates such pain. It’s also called as a spasm.
  • Often the awkward positioning of the neck causes such injury.

With that last entry, we reach the end of the post. Injuries are a part and parcel of sportsperson’s career. We did our best to compile 10 such injuries in our post today. We hope that you got aware of the injuries after reading the post.

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