Top 10 Most Influential Leaders of Europe

Europe is a big world continent that is comprised with a number of countries and territories. 10,180,000 kilometer squared is the total land area of this continent. In the entire Europe’s history, a number of influential leaders have given great contributions not only in the said continent, but in the entire world as well.

Here are 10 most influential leaders of Europe

10. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

From the year 1922 until his death, Vladimir is the Premier of the Soviet Union. He was also the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic’s leader. Under his management, the Russian Empire was transformed into a Soviet Union. He is a Russian revolutionary theorist and communist.

9. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

She was the last monarch Tudor dynasty has to offer. She was the famous Queen of England and Ireland. The modern Europe was established through the effort of a lot of European leaders like Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth era took place during her reign, when numerous popular excellent writers lived such as Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare.

8. Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Modern social science was born through the discovery of many famous people in the world like Karl Marx, whom was a German revolutionary socialist, historian, journalist, economist, sociologist, and philosopher. Marxism, which is a political view about society, economics, and politics, was authored by him.

7. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

In the year 1940 up to 1945, Winston Churchill was the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister. From the year 1951-1955, he was elected again as Prime Minister. He was an influential British wartime leader. Neville Chamberlain’s resignation gave him the opportunity to become a Prime Minister.

6. Henry VIII

Henry VIII

Tudor dynasty had 5 monarchs, all in all and he 2nd one was none other than Henry VIII. Ireland and the Kingdom of France were ruled by this European leader, aside from England. The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England were effectively separated through his great effort.

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5. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini

It was way back in 1922 when Benito Mussolini served as Italy’s Prime Minister. Even so, Mussolini was expulsed in the year 1943. Benito Mussolini was the National Fascist Party’s founder and leader. Italy was stopped being ruled through democracy in 1925 and applied his legal dictatorship.

4. Peter The Great

Peter The Great

His territory was become the major Russian power since he was able to win a lot of wars against numerous enemies, making the Tsardom of Russia widely expand. He was the one who ordered reformation to all military personnel, state officials, and courtiers like shaving their beards and adopting contemporary modern styles.

3. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

“Socialism in one country” was the main concept used by the Soviet Union leader named Joseph Stalin. Lenin’s New Economic Policy was replaced by such concept. Way back on August 1939, he signed the Nazi Germany non-aggression pact. Because of this, the influence and territory in Eastern Europe was successfully divided. In the year 1945, the Eastern Front’s Axis powers were defeated by his red army.

2. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

From the 1933 up to 1945, he was the Germany’s chancellor and the Nazi Party’s founding father. In the year 1934, he served as Nazi Germany’s dictator. His great roles in Holocaust and in the World War II had made him extremely popular and essential part of the world’s history. He was actually one of those World War I veterans.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

A number of liberal reforms were done in the entire Europe through the renowned French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. Good examples of these liberal reformations were termination of feudalism and the religious tolerance spreading. Napoleonic Code, which was created him directly influenced civil law jurisdictions in a number of countries, especially in Europe.

These are the 10 most influential leaders in Europe that made big and important contributions in the rich and interesting history of the world. The history of the world can never be richer without these brave and intelligent European leaders.

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