Top 10 Most Significant Sex Crimes Statics

No matter where it came from and even if it was done to complete strangers, people are always shocked when it comes to sexual crimes. Sexual crimes tend to victimize innocent people who often times find themselves helpless and defenseless from the attack of evil sex predators. This causes unwarranted and intense hurt and trauma for the victim – physical, psychological, and emotional. It really rocks its victims to the core, together with the victim’s loved ones. Furthermore, on the part of the sexual predator, this could tell a deep and complex psychological problem that is masked under the veil of normalcy. Though they deserve to be punished and castigated, sexual predators also need some fore om treatment. This is how complicated sexual crimes are.

This list dishes to you 10 most significant sexual crimes statistics. These are the things that everyone must know as far as sex crimes are concerned. So arm yourself with protection and be vigilant and alert at all times. This list might just help. Read on…

10. The Victimizer

Sex crimes are committed by different kinds of perpetrators coming from all walks of life. According to recent statistics, 38% of all people who commit rape are friends or acquaintances of their victim. Moreover, 31% are complete strangers while 23% are in a relationship with their victim. Nevertheless, 3% of sexual predators are actually relatives or next of kin of their victim.

9. The Scene of the Crime

The location of the crime also varies in each circumstance. 27% of rape cases actually occur in the victim’s own home. On the other hand, 30.9% of the cases occur in the victimizer’s own home. Furthermore, 10% of rape cases occur inside a vehicle while 7% occur in a party or somewhere outdoors. Finally, some 2% of all rape cases occur in a bar or nightclub.

8. Countries With igh Rape Cases

Many rape cases occur in specific countries more than others. In the calendar year ending in December of 2015, the ten countries with the highest rape cases are the following in ascending order: Grenada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Suriname, Sweden, Bermuda, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Botswana. South Africa is the country that has the highest number of rape cases in the world.

7. Reported and Unreported Rape Cases

As far as statistics are concerned, only 15% of rape cases are actually reported. This means that an overwhelming number of rape offenses and other sex crimes go unreported to authorities. This is largely due to the exposure, shame, and intense stress that a rape victim will undergo should he or she decide to come out in the open.

6. Age of the Victim

When it comes to age, statistics show that 80% of all sexual assault victims are below the age of 30 years old. 44% of this are below 18 years of age while 15% of the victims are below 15 years old – absolutely shocking.

5. Ethnicity of the Victim

In the United States of America, American Indians suffer the most as 34% of all victims come from their group, 24% are mixed race women, 19% are African-American, 18% are white, 15% are Hispanic or Latino, while 7% are of Asian ethnicity.

4. Physical Trauma

Victims of sexual crimes suffer from moderate to severe physical injuries due to their experience. 5% of the victims were shot, stabbed, or severely beaten. On the other hand, a great majority needed to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment after their brutal ordeal.

3. Mental Trauma

Victims of rape and other forms of sexual abuse tend to carry mental wounds and psychological scars with them long after their ordeal and even after the offender has been brought to justice. Many of them seek psychiatric help for the medium to long term.

2. Male Rape

Males are also victims of rape and sexual abuse. Every 1 of 10 males have experienced some form of attempted or completed sexual abuse and even rape. This means that this horrible crime is not only exclusive to women.

1. Pedophilia

Child sexual abuse and more apparently – pedophilia, is also a prevalent sex crime that victimizes 1 in every 5 boys. Girls as young as 10 or 11 have also been victimized sexually by child sex offenders.

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