Top 10 Must Read Agatha Christie Novels

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, was a British novelist who became popular for her various detective stories and investigative novels. In her lifetime, she made around 66 detective novels, which all made the best-seller lists not only in her native Britain but in North America and various parts of the world. Hence, she became known as the Queen of Crime. Her novels were ubiquitous in major bookstores and shopping malls.

This list will reveal to you the top 10 Agatha Christie novels. This represents the best from among her works. So, how many of these have you already read?

10. A Murder is Announced

A Murder is Announced

This novel features Christie’s character Miss Marple and is considered to be one of her classic detective novels. Released in 1950 and is Christie’s 50th novel, its release was well-publicized. With an ingenious plot with twists and turns as one reads along, this novel is one of Christe’s most-acclaimed works.

9. Death in the Clouds

Death in the Clouds

Originally titled “Death in the Air,” this novel features great suspense and detective work. Onboard a plane and minutes before landing, a passenger is found dead. Originally thought to be a bee sting, a poisoned dart is later found near the victim’s body. Who could do this crime from among the passengers? Christie keeps us guessing and following till the very end.

8. Crooked House

Crooked House

Coming out in 1949, this novel reveals the story of two rival families – the Leonides and the Aristides. The Aristides are later found murdered, and no other plausible suspect arises except for the Leonides. But are they the real suspects? Could it be that they are just being framed up? Fans claim that this novel is one of the most shocking that Christie had ever written.

7. Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

This 1934 novel was one of Christie’s earlier works. A train suddenly stops at night as it wades through bad weather. Due to depart the next morning, a man is found dead in one of the train’s compartments. To make matters more intriguing, it is surmised that since the train is in an isolated place in the dead of winter, it is obvious that the murderer is still on the plane. Made into a feature film after several years, the novel remains to be one of Christie’s most clever ones.

6. Endless Night

Endless Night

This novel was a personal favorite of the author. A newly married couple appears to have the perfect marriage. But, is it? Soon, suspicion after suspicion causes the marriage to slowly crumble. Nothing is ever what it seems. The film was made into a motion picture five years later in 1972.

5. Five Little Pigs

Five Little Pigs

Another one of Christie’s earlier works, the novel has at its core the murder of a woman who is in languishing in prison for the alleged murder of her husband. The woman’s daughter claims that justice had been denied. This starts a series of investigations leading to the truth of what really happened during the murder – and who was really involved in the crime.

4. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

This novel, released in 1926, is a masterful work of detective fiction. When the Roger Ackroyd in found stabbed to death in his home, detective Poirot gradually finds out that the peaceful and idyllic village and its inhabitants are not really what they seem. This is one of Christie’s novels that set her to literary superstardom.

3. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

Christie finished writing this novel in 1939, but delayed its publication and release until 1975 because of her love for her creation, Poirot. A murder committed by one of the hotel guests is again being investigated in this novel, where Poirot appears for the last time.

2. The ABC Killers

The ABC Killers

This tour de force of a novel depicts the murders of Alice Ascher, Betty Barnard, and Carmichael Clarke. Detective Poirot, who was largely unsuccessful in stopping the killings of these three victims, must act quick and fast before the murdered gets to letter D. A work of immense suspense and intelligence, this is one of Christie’s greatest detective novels.

1. And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Considered to be Christie’s most complex novel, it depict 10 people, with secrets to keep, gathered in an island. Tragedy strikes when they are murdered one by one until only two are left. Clearly, the murderer is one of them. Iconic and game changing, this plot has been copied and remade in various other novels and movies. Clearly, it is Christie’s best!

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