Top 10 Proven Ways to Increase Followers on Twitter 2015

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking services around the world. Users send and read short messages on twitter, which are addressed to as tweets. These tweets can be retweeted or forwarded by the users. Twitter allows users to follow other users on Twitter, which enables them to increase their network and share their updates, favorite music, links and a lot more on the network. Getting a large number of followers is not a tough job, but one needs to focus on the right activities and tweets on the network.

Here are 10 proven and effective ways to increase followers on Twitter:


#1 Make an Appealing Profile

In order to make sure that you get a large number of flowers on Twitter, you should ensure that your profile is complete and appealing. The biography should be engaging and must contain all the correct facts. Also, it is essential to set a profile picture which is clear and attractive.

#2 Create an Engaging Tweet

Try to come up with a tweet which is engaging in terms of variety of topics it covers. Also, some images, videos and sound clips could add to its attraction value and get more followers for you. You can also share your interesting personal experiences or stories for this purpose.

#3 Follow People with Similar Interest or Background

Another effective way to increase followers on Twitter is to follow such people who have something in common with you, such as people who share a common professional background or similar interests. The fact is that their followers in turn, might be interested in you and follow you back.

#4 Follow Back your Followers

It is important to follow back your followers to keep them attached to you. In case you fail to do so, they may end up unfollowing you and you may lose on the number of followers on Twitter.

#5 Ask others for Retweet

At the end of your tweet, you may request others to Retweet it, as it will definitely have a positive impact on the number of your followers. The reason is that once you get retweets, it broadens your network.

#6 Add a Hashtag in your Tweet

Adding a hashtag in your tweet also increases the chances of getting more followers as it makes your tweet prominent. The more people see your tweet, the greater are your chances to get more followers on Twitter.

#7 Participate on a Twitter Chat

One of the best ways to enhance the number of followers on Twitter is to participate in Twitter chats, which will not only increase your circles on the network, but also give you new ideas from new people.

#8 Post Regular Content

Posting regular comments on Twitter will ensure that your followers remain glued to you and this can also invite new ones to join your network.

#9 Make Use of Twitter Search Sites

You can make the use of Twitter search sites to get in touch with new people by searching them by their names, locations or related information. Soon, you would be able to get in touch with some old and new acquaintances and increase the number of followers you have on the network.

#10. Make Use of “Follow Me on Twitter” Link

A cool way to maximize the number of Twitter followers is to provide a “Follow Me on Twitter” link on other social media sites as well as e-mails. People who explore these links may end up following you on Twitter.

By making use of these simple yet effective tools and measures, you can make sure that the numbers of followers on Twitter soon increase by leaps and bounds.

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