Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Airport Landings

Airport is one important facility every country must have. Lots people prefer travelling by air since it provides them great convenience. Now what are the 10 most dangerous airport landings in the world?

10. Saba International Airport

Saba International Airport

This airport is located in the Caribbean Island, specifically in the municipality of Netherlands. It has the shortest airport runway among the airports worldwide. It only measures 400 meters in length, making it to be dangerous enough during landing.

9. Toncontin Airport

Toncontin Airport

This is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Pilots of planes travelling to this place should be excellent and trained enough on how to land in this airport. Because of the mountainous terrain in the surroundings, the need to have a quick drop for altitude is necessary so that safe landing is possible.

8. LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport

This airport has 7000-foot runways. It’s located in New York City, USA. What makes it dangerous to land in this airport is it is surrounded by city buildings and streets that are full of people and vehicles. Hence, pilots must be very careful in landing the plane they’re driving.

7. Courchevel International Airport

Courchevel International Airport

This airport only has a 525-meter runway. Before taking a landing, pilots are required to navigate the Alps Mountain first in order to make sure that the landing will be completely safe. This airport is located in France.

6. Wellington International Airport

Wellington International Airport

This airport in New Zealand has a single and short runway that only measures 6,351 feet. It seems that the runway starts at almost at the edge of land area where the blue crystal water of the sea is almost eating it. In other words, it is surrounded by the sea’s blue crystal water, making it so frightening for those faint-hearted travelers.

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5. Kai Tak Airport

Kai Tak Airport

Taking a landing in this airport that is located in Hongkong is certainly a scary thing for the passengers. It is because the airport is surrounded by mountains and crosswinds will make it difficult to land. In fact, it was once called “The Mother of All Scary Airports”.

4. Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport

This particular airport in Nepal is where people who want to visit Mount Everest landed. Its name was changed to Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It’s to give honor to the 2 persons who firstly visited the famous Mount Everest. What makes it very dangerous when landing is it has no runway lights, high-tech air traffic control system, and it has a very short runway.

3. Antarctica Airport

Antarctica Airport

In the airport of Antarctica, having a well-constructed runway attached with several high-tech attachments necessary in every airport is nowhere to be found. It’s because the whole place is surrounded with ice due to very cold weather in Antarctica. It is the coldest part on earth. The challenge here is not to break the iced runways when landing.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport

This is the major airport Caribbean Island has to offer. Before taking off, the pilot needs to pass on the beach, airport fence, and the national road first. Its runway is only short, measuring 7,150 feet long. Hence, it will be a challenge for those pilots who drive heavy and larger planes.

1. Paro Airport

Paro Airport

This is the most dangerous airport the world has to offer when it comes to landing. It’s because the airport is surrounded with 18,000-foot tall peaks; not to mention its 6,500-foot long airport runway. In fact, there are only 8 pilots who are allowed to land here. This airport is located in Bhutan.

These are the 10 dangerous airport landings in the world. Be sure to be familiar with these airports.

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