Top 15 Shocking Reality TV Moments You Should Not Miss

Reality television grew in leaps and bounds in the last 15 years. It has created its own brand of audience and its own brand of “slice of life” celebrities.

 Since these shows are grounded on “reality,” unexpected moments are almost always a mainstay in any reality tv show.

 In this article, you will find out the 15 most shocking reality tv moments. Read on and hold on to your seats!

 15. Top Chef Contestant Shave Their Hair

Top Chef from Bravo Channel has been credited as THE training ground of the most promising kitchen connoisseurs in recent years. However, things turned nasty and totally unexpected when Season 2 contestants Ilan Hall and Elia Aboumrad decided to shave their hair completely and turned on the other contestants to do the same. Result? Both Hall and Aboumrad were expelled from the show.

 14. When reality couples decide to call it quits

Reality tv was born in 1973 with a show called “An American Family” – which shows the real-life struggles of a middle class American couple and their grown-up children. It was a very interesting show because it was way ahead of its time. It got more interesting when the matriarch of the family, Patricia Loud, in national television, asked for a divorce from her husband William after 21 years of marriage. The disintegration of the family was beamed live and in living color for all America to witness.

 13. When the host and the contestant fight

In the 2005 season of “America’s Next Top Model” hosted by no less than supermodel Tyra Banks, a very interesting moment occurred when Banks lost her cool to cowardly model wannabe Tiffany Richardson for bulking and sulking through the competition. What’s even more interesting is that Richardson fired back a tirade of words against Banks and a shouting match ensued – a great reality tv moment for the show’s fans.

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 12. When contestants are made to drink urine and semen

In the 2011-2012 season of Fear Factor, the remaining contestants were made to drink donkey juice- urine and semen, that is. What’s even more interesting was that some contestants DID DRINK the donkey juice to stay on the show and have a chance in claiming the top prize!

 11. When Romeo changes his choice

In the 13th season of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick initially chose Melissa Rycroft in the season finale. But after the show’s epilogue segment entitled After The Final Rose, Mesnick changed his mind and chose Molly Malaney, therefore dumping Rycroft on national television. All’s well that ends well, though as Mesnick and Malaney are now happily married with kids – as is Rycroft to her husband Tye Strickland.

 10. When somebody collapses on the show

In Season 4 of America’s Next Top Model, contestant Rebecca Epley suddenly collapsed in front of the other contestants and the panel of judges. Everyone was shocked and could not move. It turned out that Epley had a pre-existing condition of hormonal imbalance which affected her sense of balance and wakefulness.

 9. When FAKE tv trumps reality tv

Everyone thought that reality tv hit show The Hills was unscripted and a real “slice of life” drama. It turns out that the show was actually scripted and all”real” events that unfolded on tv throughout the entire season were fake and scripted. Here’s a classic case of reality tv, or what seemed to be reality tv, jumping its gun on its viewers.

Reality TV

 8. When a contestant is told that she was terminally ill

Controversial reality tv star Jade Goody was a contestant in India’s version of Big Brother called Big Boss. In one of the show’s seemingly mundane episodes, Big Boss allowed Goody to receive a call from her doctor in England. It turned out that Goody had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to immediately go back to England to seek treatment. She succumbed less than two years after fromthe disease.

 7. When the wrong winner is announced

Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch wrongly announced the grand winner as being Kelsey Martinovich. Claiming that a technical error and the wrong not from the teleprompter caused the error, she corrected her mistake and called the contestants back to announce the real winner being Amanda Ware. Martinovich clearly looked stunned, then shattered.

 6. When the competition goes WAY TOO FAR

American reality tv show Toddlers and Tiaras was heavily criticized by the media for the voluntary exploitation of very young girls who compete as beauty pageant candidates. One mother earned the horror of everyone when she dressed her daughter as Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman – that of a prostitute.

 5. When ugly is actually talented

When Susan Boyle initially entered the stage in Britain’s Got Talent, the audience and the judges were quick to jeer and dismiss her. This was not until she sang and showcased her angelic voice – instantly winning fans from the audience and the judges – including notorious judge Simon Cowell.

 4. When an actual birth is covered on tv

Precious life events have been covered time and again on television – weddings, proposals, birthdays, and the like.But how about the actual birth of an infant in this world? Well, this was brought to the viewers live and in full color courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian in the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The baby coming out of Kardashian’s “female body part” was something that will remain in the viewers’ memory for many years.

 3. When contestants totally misbehave

Australian Big Brother contestants Michael Cox and Michael Bric pulled a very dirty prank on Camila Severi. How dirty? Severi was called by the two men and one of them pulled his genitals out and rubbed it on Severi while the other man was holding her down. The two men immediately got the boot from Big Brother was the act was subject to national condemnation.

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 2. When the judges fight

In one season of American Idol, the catfight between rapper Nicki Minaj and pop/r&b diva Mariah Carey turned uglier – prompting Carey to bring bodyguards in the next several tapings of the show’s auditions segment in key US cities. The word fight turned the other judges – Keith Urban and Randy Jackson in particular – to act as referees and shock absorbers every time the ladies would start a tirade against each other.

 1. When the best contestant gets the boot

Reality reeled its ugly head in Season 3 of American Idol. During the Top 4 night and as the contestants sang disco songs in front of the judges and before the voting audience, it was clear that Hawaiian-born Jasmine Trias had by far the worst performance of the night. To the shock of the judges and America, the voting public chose to save Trias and vote frontrunner La Toya London off the show. The judges called the result a complete travesty and judge Simon Cowell bluntly declared that America got it wrong that time.

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