Top 5 Best Earbud Headphone Brands in the World 2015

Earbuds make essential equipment for music lovers as it helps them enjoy their music collection in a better way by improving the quality of music. The better the quality of earbuds chosen by music lovers, the better is the quality of sound they get, which makes it necessary to choose them with care.

Here are top 5 best brands of earbuds in the world:

5. Bose Freestyle

Bose Freestyle

One of the best earbud brands in the world is Bose Freestyle, which boasts of attractive design and comfortable fit, making them one of the most preferred brands among music lovers around the world. They have a solid built, which makes them sweat proof and weather resistant and are ideal for adventurous outings. The color options in which they are available include black, indigo, grey and ice blue. However, they lack in respect of noise isolation, which means that they are not good enough for noisy places. The price is attractive too.

4. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport is another acclaimed earbud brand, which excels as Bluetooth earbuds. These are also great for sport lovers as they are durable, comfortable and sweat proof. Also, they offer an excellent sound quality with perfectly balanced, deep and clear bass. Moreover, they can play for as much as 8 hours without being recharged.

3. MEElectronics M6

MEElectronics M6

Next on the list of best brands of earbuds in the world is MEElectronics M6, which makes an excellent option for those who do not have a big budget. At the same time, the best thing is that they do not make a compromise on its build or sound quality, which is rich and impressive. They feature a solid design as well as are comfortable in use.

2. Shure’s SE846-CL

Shure’s SE846-CL

One of the best brands of earbuds in the world is Shure’s SE846-CL, which is appreciated by music fans all over the world. The price may seem a bit over the top, but their outstanding performance and excellent features make every penny spent worthwhile. The sound quality imparted by these earbuds is precise and crystal clear and they are technically superior as compared to other brands on the list. They are also durable as they are made of metal rather than plastic. These earbuds are just perfect for those looking for a sound quality equivalent to that offered by headphones.

1. Bose Quiet Comfort 20

Bose Quiet Comfort 20

Another top grade model from the brand Bose to make it on this list is Bose Quiet Comfort 20, which promise a fantastic listening experience. They boast of a modern design along with the innovative noise canceling technology for extra comfort. They also have a special feature called aware mode which enables the wearer to listen to the conversations by simply tapping a button, rather than removing the earbuds or stopping the music for this purpose. Another feature which accounts for the popularity of these earbuds is their durability, portability and pocket friendly price.

All these brands of earbuds have become names to reckon with amongst music lovers around the world.

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