Top 8 Best Fish Oil Brands in the World

Fish oil has become a craze among health conscious people around the world, who want to achieve a state of excellent overall health and wellness by eating nutritious foods and adding in some natural supplements to a healthy diet. Some benefits of fish oil are that it is good for cardiovascular health, skin, brain and joints. But one needs to choose the fish oil brand, which is of best quality and high purity level, so as to get its full benefits.

Here are top 8 best brands of fish oil in the world:

8. Nature Made Fish Oil

Nature Made Fish Oil is a fish oil brand, which caters to those who have a small budget, yet want reasonable quality. The oil is odorless, which ,makes it easy to consume and is quite effective despite its minimalistic price range.

7. Carlson Fish Oil

One of the oldest and most reputed suppliers of fish oil in the world is Carlson Fish Oil, which is a rich source of healthy omega 3 fatty acid, making it an excellent health supplement. The brand promises high quality along with affordable price.

6. Kirkland Spring Oil

Kirkland Spring Oil is the next fish oil brand to make it on the list and is particularly preferred by those who focus on purity, as it uses the latest technique of molecular distillation to get the purest form of oil, which is loaded with omega 3. The bottle comes in a large size and at a reasonable price.

5. Norwegian Fish Oil

Featuring next on the list of top 10 best brands of fish oil in the world is Norwegian Fish Oil, which comes from the fish found around Norway and has a negligible amount of toxins. The oil is of high quality and extreme purity, which makes it justified for its high price.

4. Spring Valley Fish Oil

Another popular brand of fish oil is Spring Valley Fish Oil, which is available in a number of variants such as pure fish oil, coated capsules and large capsules. The products are economically priced but make no compromise in quality and are quite effective.

3. Fisol Fish Oil

If you are looking for top quality fish oil in mid price segment, then Fisol Fish Oil is the ideal option for you. The product combines the goodness of Vitamin E oil to the healthy omega 3, making it an excellent supplement for health conscious people. Also, the fish oil is available in capsule form of 500 mg each, which has an enteric coating to prevent any side effects as the capsule makes its way into human intestines.

2. Dr Sears Fish Oil

Dr Sears Fish Oil is trusted fish oil, which comes from a reputed manufacturer and is guaranteed to show effective results. It boasts of nearly 60% content of omega 3, which makes it one of the best in the market. But the only drawback of this brand is its exorbitant price.

1. Alaska Fish Oil

Another fish oil brand which is widely recognized all over the world is Alaska Fish Oil, whose omega 3 content is 30% and is also very low on bad fatty acids. It comes in easily edible capsule form and is pure. The product comes in mid price range, which means that it can fit into all budgets.

Over the years, all these fish oil brands have managed to build reputation of trust in the global health market and buyers make sure to add these to their shopping carts.

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