Top Ten Most Bizarre Hotels in the World

When it comes to spending a weekend or a week away from the native place, you look for hotels, and when you do that the kind of images that pops in your mind are simple, elegant and just beautiful. But have you ever dreamt of living in some weird and bizarre place, which you can only think of but you know that it might not exist in reality. You are wrong, in this case. The world has some extremely bizarre place, which one can only think of. Here is a list of top ten bizarre hotels in the world.

10. Manta Underwater Room in Zanzibar

Manta Underwater Room in Zanzibar

Ever experienced living under water, this is one such place, where the rooms are located under the sea, the farthest you can go from the civilization. The rooms here cost $1200 and if you plan to stay here for more days than you will be able to save up to thirty percent of the total cost. For more details you can also check the website.


9. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Experience living under the ground at this bizarre yet, beautiful place. It is located few kilometres away from the Stockholm, Sweden. It is cold, beautiful and nature beauty, where you will experience the coldness, the solid uneven rocks and many such things. It is indeed worth visiting and it will cost you around 4200 Sweden crowns.


8. Kakslauttanen Hotel, Lapland

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Lapland

If you want to experience staying in an Igloo, then yes, this is the place, which is located in Finland. It is made of glass and is beautifully covered with snow and you can enjoy the starry nights from your rooms at the night. It will cost you $200 per night.


7. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

This is like living in the forest amongst the tall giraffes that can come anytime and meet you as if you’re their guest. Indeed you are! An amazing place to visit with family, and these giraffes are extremely friendly and amazing. The rate of the rooms varies and you can choose the one according to your convenient, it ranges from $300 to $2000.


6. Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Living on ice is in itself a bizarre thought. Imagine a hotel made of Ice. This hotel is in Sweden where the rooms the beds and everything is made of crystal clear ice. The place has thermal temperature controlling beds, where you can sleep peacefully. But just imagine living on ice. It is worth experiencing this bizarre place. The rooms on a weekend costs around $1000.


5. Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Tree houses have always been something that everyone has dreamt once in their life. If you don’t have your own tree house, then you must visit this place. They have some amazing fancy looking tree houses, which has some great designs and beautiful architecture. The rooms here costs approximately $550 Per night.


4. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

You must be thinking what can be so great about this place? The mountain has magic and it grants wishes, and if you believe in such things, then you must definitely visit the place as it is not lies. This place is made inside a mountain, where there is a suspension bridge attached to it that takes you to the forest. It also is surrounded by the dense forest, where you can admire nature and the amazing waterfall. It is just like living in a fairytale world. The rooms costs around $215 per night.


3. Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht, Bavaria, Germany

Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht, Bavaria, Germany

An adventurous place and very bizarre, ever thought of sleeping on a bed hanging from a tree. Yes, this place has rooms, which are hanging on the trees and are about 6-7 feet above the ground. It is exciting and interesting to stay on a place like this. The room costs around 300 Dollars per night and it is worth it.


2. Salt Hotel in Bolivia

Salt Hotel in Bolivia

This is something unimaginable and extremely bizarre. This complete hotel is made of salt, yes salt! It relaxes you completely and gives a feeling of calmness, to further add on they have salt pool and sauna as well. The room costs around 150 Dollars per night.


1. Sand Hotel, Weymouth Beach, England

Sand Hotel, Weymouth Beach, England

This is the first sand hotel in the country, and is made with sand and just sand. It is beautiful and living here is worth the experience. To make this spectacular place 1000 tons of sand was used and it is just amazing. The room costs starts from 10 Pounds.


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